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Are all ball valves rated for gas?

Are all ball valves rated for gas?

Not all valves are approved to be used in combustible gas applications. Ones that are, will have specific markings depending identifying where they can be used. ½ PSIG (or 1/2G) – a lower pressure rating for gas valves generally used at a gas fired appliance.

What does WSP mean on a ball valve?

Working steam pressure
Working steam pressure (WSP) indicates the maximum steam pressure that a ball valve can withstand at the highest temperature rating.

Can I use a ball valve for propane?

These are compact CSA/CGA/AGA approved valves for Natural or Propane Gas, Mixed, and LP Liquefied Petroleum. They may also be used for air or water. These are compact CSA/CGA/AGA approved valves for low pressure Natural or Propane Gas, Mixed, and LP Liquefied Petroleum.

What is 150 WSP?

water steam pressure
WSP stands for water steam pressure or working steam pressure. It reflects the rating for the valve at water steam temperature. A valve rated at 600WOG/150WSP should be able to withstand 600 psi in a water or gas pipe and 150 psi if used in a steam supply system.

What ball valves are rated for natural gas?

The Apollo 80-100 Series is easily one of the best bronze ball valves on the market that is specifically designed for natural gas applications. The Apollo 80-100 is UL Listed for LP- Gas, natural gas, and flammable liquid and heated oil.

What do the different color handles on ball valves mean?

It means nothing really, We have used red for hot and blue for cold, However, do not take that as the norm, MOST of the time it is just the decision of the plumber or the manufacturer as to the color of the handle.

How much pressure can a ball valve hold?

The ball valve’s ease of operation, repair, and versatility lend it to extensive industrial use, supporting pressures up to 1,000 bar (100 MPa; 15,000 psi) and temperatures up to 752 °F (400 °C), depending on design and materials used. Sizes typically range from 0.2 to 48 inches (5.1 to 1,219.2 mm).

What ball valves are approved for natural gas?

Series GBV 2-Piece Brass Gas Ball Valves are used in residential applications for manufactured natural gas and LP gas on in-house and indoor piping systems.

How much pressure can a gas ball valve handle?

The CSA gas ratings for indoor approvals are ½ PSI and 5G. Just as it sounds, valves with these ratings can be installed indoors only. Both Canada & the USA use the same ratings for indoor valves.

What does yellow handle on ball valve mean?

Yellow. Non-potable water, hot. Water.

What color are water shut off valves?

If your main valve is located inside your home, it can most likely be found in one of three places: your basement or crawlspace, your garage, or near your water heater. This is a small knob that is most likely labeled as your emergency shut off valve and probably red in color.

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