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Are bass clarinet reeds the same as clarinet reeds?

Are bass clarinet reeds the same as clarinet reeds?

Forum Contributor 2012-2015. Since tenor and bass clarinet reeds are made from the same size blanks, they are for interchangeable.

Can you use tenor sax reeds on a bass clarinet?

Do NOT use tenor sax reeds on Bass clarinet. The cut of the reed is completely different and prodouces a not pleasent sound. Please use bass clarinet reeds. They are just as cheap as tenor sax reeds so there should be no reason why you would have to use sax reeds.

Can I use a sax reed on clarinet?

Alto saxophone reeds will work on an alto clarinet. Soprano sax reeds work on soprano clarinets but they’re not ideal. Clarinet reeds are cut to have more wood in the center of the reed, they are intentionally made that way to make them a little more resonant and less thin and bright.

Can you use soprano sax reeds on clarinet?

Playing with some other folks (playing with an AWESOME classical alto sax player where I work) shows that the soprano sax reed tunes excellently. I highly recommend that you try a soprano sax legere signature on your clarinet. Much like other legere reeds, placement on the mouthpiece is paramount.

Is saxophone similar to clarinet?

The clarinet family is very similar to the saxophone family. Once you learn how to play clarinet, you can explore other sizes in the clarinet family as well. Saxophone doubles are usually Bb soprano clarinet with baritone sax often covering bass clarinet.

Is bass clarinet harder than clarinet?

Is bass clarinet harder than clarinet? The keys are larger, which means the fingers are less cramped than they would be on the soprano clarinet. The two instruments have mostly the same fingerings. On both the bass and soprano clarinets, it is easier to produce an attractive, warm sound in the lower register.

Are clarinet and sax reeds the same?

A reed is used to create the vibration necessary to produce sound on most woodwind instruments. Because the mouthpieces of instruments are different sizes, reeds are instrument specific; you cannot use a clarinet reed on an alto saxophone, or vice versa.

Can you use an alto sax ligature on a clarinet?

This ligature provides an excellent grip with very little tightening required. You can tighten this screw with just a very small amount of pressure and it still holds the reed on there well without ever slipping. It also fits a much wider range of mouthpieces. The alto version also works on clarinet.

What is the correct clarinet embouchure?

The clarinet embouchure consists of five checkpoints. The corners of your mouth, the bottom lip, the top lip, the chin and the top teeth. The bottom lip should be slightly curled over your bottom teeth. This provides a cushion for your bottom teeth and for the mouthpiece.

Which is louder clarinet or saxophone?

The saxophone is louder than other woodwinds (clarinet, oboe etc). This loudness comes at a price: it tends to limit the natural playing range. The bore of the saxophone is almost a cone, but the angle of the cone is larger than that of the oboe or bassoon.

Are tenor sax reeds the same as bass clarinet reeds?

Tenor sax and bass clarinet reeds are made from the same size blanks, however the thickness varies in some brands. To some players, the sax reed plays harsher .

What is the best Reed for a bass clarinet?

A bass clarinet fitted with a tenor saxophone reed will often produce a good sound for jazz music. To some people, tenor saxophone reeds produce a more “reedy” sound on clarinet. They are also typically more affordable than clarinet reeds. Jazz saxophonist John Surman uses tenor sax reeds on his bass clarinet.

Is it easier to play bass clarinet or saxophone?

Some bass clarinet players will be more comfortable with that then others. Many of us could use some more practice playing in the higher register. You might pick out a different mouthpiece and reeds for the sax parts. A bass clarinet is not as loud as a sax.

What is a single reed on a saxophone?

A single reed, like a clarinet reed or saxophone reed, is a thin piece of flat material that is held to the instrument’s mouthpiece by a ligature. The reed vibrates when a musician blows air between it and the mouthpiece, producing a certain tone.

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