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Are BC Racing coilovers any good?

Are BC Racing coilovers any good?

The ride quality was actually improved for the most part. There are exceptions to this like crossing railroad tracks where the ride gets pretty harsh. But around town and on the freeway, the coilovers soak up bumps really well, arguably better than the stock suspension.

What is extreme low BC coilovers?

One of the most popular options customers choose for BC Racing coilovers is the Extreme Low option. Extreme low kits are setups built with shorter shock bodies and shorter springs. They allow for around an inch more drop than standard setups. Standard setups lower the car around . 5″ to 1″ at their highest adjustment.

How many miles do BC coilovers last?

Good coilovers that are properly installed and maintained could last a long time – about 150,000 miles or more.

Are BC coilovers made in China?

BC Racing is technically made in Taiwan, but all R&D and final testing on any product is done in the US by BC Racing in Florida. The coilovers BC Racing makes overseas is different than the coilovers for the US market.

How Low Can BC Racing coilovers go?

How low can the coilovers get me? The standard kit will start you off at approximately one inch below stock and you can lower an additional 2-3″. The extreme low starts you off approximately 2″ below stock at maximum height and you can lower an additional 2-3″.

Do BC Racing coilovers come preloaded?

Answer: Coilovers come pre-set at the 3-5mm suggested preload by BC.

Where are BC coils made?

How long does it take to get BC Racing coilovers?

How long does it take for a coilover kit to ship to my door? We process your order within 24-48 hours of receiving it on our site. If the kit is in stock it will ship to you within 72 hours. Shipping within the lower 48 is normally 3-5 business days and shipping to Canada is usually 5-7 business days.

Is Megan Racing Japanese?

Megan Racing’s materials are sourced from both domestic and imported origins such as the Japanese steel that the company uses in many of their products such as lowering springs and stainless-steel exhaust components.

Do BC coilovers lower your car?

For example, some coilovers such as the BC Racing BR Type Coilovers come with the option of “Extreme Low” for certain applications where you can get a max drop of about an extra inch. In most cases, expect coilovers to lower your vehicle from 0.5″ and go as low as 3.5″.

What’s the difference between BC Racing extreme low vs regular?

The BC Racing Extreme Low Kit offers springs and dampers 20mm shorter than the standard counterpart, and provides 1” to 1.5” of additional drop.

What does BC stand for in BC Racing?

A little company known as BC Racing ( Stands for Bor-Chuann) was founded at this time to fill this gap in the market.

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