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Are DAT recorders still used?

Are DAT recorders still used?

DAT, or Digital Audio Tape, was once considered the best medium for both live taping and studio backup. In recent years, however, the low cost and high quality of hard disk recording have made the DAT nearly obsolete. Still, many tapers and studios still use the DAT format.

What recording format does DAT use?

DAT uses a rotary-head (or “helical scan”) format, where the read/write head spins diagonally across the tape like a video cassette recorder.

What is the capacity of DAT tape?

DAT tape drives offer up to 320GB of compressed data on a single cartridge at compressed speeds of up to 86.4GB/hr.

How does a DAT recorder work?

In the late 1980s digital audio tape (DAT) recorders using magnetic tape cassettes became available for audio reproduction and recording. The DAT recorder converts audio signals into digital data on a magnetic tape by means of a microprocessor and converts the data back into analog audio signals that can…

Are DAT tapes reliable?

New York A group of the world’s leading audio preservationists have warned that tape-based digital recording media — especially DAT — is not reliable for long term archiving.

Do they still make cassette decks?

Cheap cassette players are still being produced—you can get them at your local Best Buy or Walmart, or on Amazon. Many of these are personal cassette players designed for use with headphones, in the mold of the classic Sony Walkman. High-quality cassette decks don’t appear to be in production anymore, though.

Is it easy to service a DAT recorder?

Easy to service DAT recorder once you know its caveats. Caps in the head amp and plastic circlips are its weaknesses but quite easy to fix. Also the back tension invariably needs reducing after so long. Capable of good reliable service with excellent audio quality.

What is a Sony 2000es recorder?

Sony also modestly admits that the 2000ES is Sony’s “statement” on consumer A/D and D/A conversion, about which more later. The recorder features four heads, two of which are dedicated “assurance” heads that play back the just-recorded signal from the tape while a recording is being made.

Did Sony ever offer the dtc-57es for Super Bit Mapping?

Although 44,1 Khz analog recording wasn’t yet offered (for the consumer version), let alone Super Bit Mapping, Sony sold plenty of DTC-57ES and siblings: Digital Audio Tape in 1991 still had a bright future.

What is a dtc-57es?

The DTC-57ES (aka DTC-67ES in the US) was the replacement for the DTC-55ES (aka DTC-75ES in the US) which was a fairly troublesome deck and also Sony’s first deck sporting the well remembered SCMS “feature”.

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