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Are EAA handguns good?

Are EAA handguns good?

Chrome-finished, the EAA Tanfoglio Witness Elite Stock 2 is a great choice for competitive shooters looking for an affordable pistol to get started in USPSA Production division. Plus, the Italian-built Tanfoglio guns are known for a fine fit and finish.

Is EAA Witness a CZ 75 clone?

The Tanfoglio Combat or Standard, also known as T(A)95 or EAA Witness Steel, is a modified clone of the Czech CZ-75/CZ-85 pistol. The pistols are imported into the United States by European American Armory Inc. (EAA) and called the “Witness Steel”.

What does EAA mean for a gun?

Website. European American Armory Inc. is a Rockledge, Florida based firearms company which imports a number of different handguns, shotguns and rifles to the United States.

Are EAA 1911 any good?

The Witness Elite 1911 Polymer exhibited excellent accuracy, with all loads tested averaging near 1.5″ groups at 25 yds. The clean sight picture of the gun, combined with its crisp, 4-lb. trigger pull, made shooting the Witness Elite a pleasure.

Who imports Akkar?

Selected as US Importer for Akkar Sporting Arms.

Is EAA Witness A 1911?

The Witness clearly reflects modern 1911 design, with a skeletonized Commander hammer, slightly rounded mainspring housing and a full beavertail grip safety with oversize pad. The dustcover incorporates an equipment rail for mounting a light or laser.

Who makes a polymer 1911?

It was only a matter of time before a polymer frame came to the very archetype of a steel-frame pistol—the M1911. Rock River Arms, long known for its custom and semi-custom steel M1911s, now offers the Poly 1911 in both 9 mm Luger and .

Who imports tanfoglio?

Tanfoglio Pistols are popular firearms across Europe; they also are imported into United States by the Italian Firearms Group (IFG) and in Australia by NVT Pty Ltd.

Who makes EAA Churchill?

European American Armory
The latest of the latter is a classically styled bird gun, the Model 512, and it is imported by European American Armory under the Churchill name. A full line of guns from .

Who makes Churchill guns?

This unarguably paved the path for other Turkish gun manufacturers to establish business deals with American Colleagues and elsewhere around the world. Along the way, Akkar partnered with other names and began producing break open shotguns under its own Churchill brand.

What kind of ammo does an EAA Witness come in?

Besides the popular 9mm variety, EAA Witness pistols also come chambered in 10mm, .45, .38 Super, .40 S&W, and even a .22 Kadet model. All the EAA Witness models are based on the same frame, interestingly enough.

How does the EAA Witness compare to the CZ pistol?

Like the CZ pistols, the slide rides inside the frame on full-length guides, adding to the gun’s accuracy and longevity while also giving it a much lower profile. Furthermore, the EAA Witness features a rounded hammer that can be half-cocked, just like the CZ.

Should I buy a witness 9mm pistol?

However, most of the people who bought 9mm Witnesses report no problems, but the 10mm and .45 versions seem to let go easily. Just food for thought. The guns are priced fairly that’s for sure. MSRP is $545, but many can be had for less than $400.

When did the EAA start making witness rifles?

And circa 1999, the line was imported to the United States by the European American Armory Corporation and marketed under the name “Witness.” Now it’s the EAA’s bread and butter.

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