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Are Gretsch hollow body guitars good?

Are Gretsch hollow body guitars good?

Mid-range choice: Gretsch G5420T hollow electric guitar. Gretsch hollow guitars are very special as they thrive on retro looks. Even so, their designs are classy, timeless and have been used by countless legendary musicians like George Harrison and Chet Atkins. G5420T is a very popular model from this iconic brand.

Can you play metal on a hollow body?

Hollow bodies aren’t often used for metal. I’m not saying you can’t do it. The reason for this is that a hollow bodies resonate more. When your playing with heavy distortion and playing really fast, the efect of the extra resonance is negligible, it’s kind of a waste, but not really.

Are hollow bodies good for rock?

It works very well. You’ll have to deal with the feedback somehow, but it can be done. Steve Howe used an assortment of hollowbody guitars (most often a Gibson ES-175) with Yes, and George Thorogood uses a hollowbody Gibson ES-125 and his tone is distorted as hell. Yes, it works.

Why are Gretsch guitars so expensive?

So, in summary, the high-end guitars made by Gretsch or any manufacturer have the highest costs due to use of higher-end woods and components, but the majority of differences is the amount of hands-on labor to create a fine finished product.

Can you play rock on a hollow body guitar?

You can play any song on anything as long as you account for the limitations of the particular instrument. A hollow body will feedback at high volume or when using overdrive / distortion in excess as in rock and metal. But if you keep the volume down, and / or don’t use too much gain it’d be fine.

What is a Gretsch guitar?

Gretsch produced various musical instruments in New York, USA, from the early twentieth century, with guitars added to the line in the 1930s. It was most famous for it’s hollow-body electric acoustics, being favoured by the rock and roll artists of the 1950s and the beat groups of the 1960s.

How old is this Gretsch archtop?

This rare, nearly 90 year old Gretsch archtop is in great condition both structurally and aesthetically with limited wear. With the quintessential archtop tone, and slim neck profile, this guitar plays effortlessly. Includes hardshell acoustic case (not original)

How much does a 1970s Gretsch Bigsby arm weigh?

VORIGINAL 1970s GRETSCH Bigsby Arm GOLD finish, Steel construction, weighs 112 grams, SUPER CONDITIIN, see all pics for dimensions. Merle Travis Tremolo Vibrato THANKS for looking! Vintage Gretsch 6161 Combo Amplifier Cover 1950s 1960s Vintage Original Vinyl. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Parcel

What is a Gretsch 7681 Super axe?

This is a very cool vintage Gretsch 7681 Chet Atkins Super Axe guitar, built in the late 70’s during the Baldwin-era of Gretsch – and the last guitar that Chet Atkins designed with the Gretsch company. The guitar was built Atkins’ specs right down to the built-in effects circuit that gives you a compressor and phaser built right into the guitar.

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