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Are K2 Snowboards any good?

Are K2 Snowboards any good?

The K2 Raygun Snowboard has an excellent price point and a very good reputation. Despite that, there were no expectations on our end for how this board rides. All we can say is this is one of the better hybrid shape boards in this price range.

Does K2 make snowboards?

K2 have been making skis since 1961 and started making snowboards back in 1988. It is widely considered as a truly legitimate and core snowboard company.

Where are K2 skis made?

Since 1962, we’ve been tinkering at the base of the Cascade Mountains in our home state of Washington. With first-class terrain at our disposal, we test products in the most extreme conditions with no shortage of fun.

Is K2 Raygun good for beginners?

BEGINNER BOARD #15. To start off the list we have the K2 Raygun in #15. The Raygun is a very versatile board, which is great to have when you’re just starting out and aren’t sure of your style yet.

Where is K2 snowboards from?

Seattle, Washington
K2 Snowboards are snowboards manufactured by the sports equipment company K2 Sports….K2 Snowboards.

Type Subsidiary
Industry Sports equipment
Founded 1987 (1961)
Headquarters Seattle, Washington

What country makes K2?

K2 is located in the Karakoram Range and lies partly in a Chinese-administered enclave of the Kashmir region within the Uygur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang, China, and partly in the Gilgit-Baltistan portion of Kashmir under the administration of Pakistan.

What company owns K2?

Kohlberg & CompanyK2-MDV Holdings, LP
K2 Sports/Parent organizations

Is K2 is good snowboard brand?

This company isn’t as well-established in the world of snowboarding as Burton in spite of being 15 years older, but it still is a reputable brand that has a good selection of snowboards to offer. All in all, as of September 2019, K2 featured 27 snowboard models, which is a good enough selection for most people.

How good are K2 Snowboards?

The K2 WWW offers good stability, solid ollie power, a catch-free feel and a very fun all around jib park plus ride. We all really enjoyed the way this board boosts confidence in the jib park but also is pretty fun when you venture to other places. Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.

How much does a K2 snowboard cost?

$11,500 to $17,000 – ascend K2 as member of a team, under the guidance of a team leader $15,000 to $20,000 – ascend Broad Peak and K2 combined, under the guidance of a team leader Teams often use Broad Peak (8047m) as a training climb to help them acclimatize to the altitude before attempting K2

Is a Salomon and K2 a good snowboard brand?

K2 is one of my personal favorite ski and snowboard brands. Their equipment is an amazing balance of power, ease, and grace. With the K2 Standard snowboard you’ll get a classic look with solid performance. One of the goals of this board is to make make your first carves as simple as possible when learning to board.

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