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Are Red Zebra mbuna aggressive?

Are Red Zebra mbuna aggressive?

Red Zebra Cichlids are not so much aggressive as they are territorial. In fact, they are on the more peaceful side when it comes to other Cichlids. They are territorial, and if not given adequate space, they will bully and harass other fish in their aquarium sometimes to death.

How do you tell the difference between a male and female red zebra cichlid?

Coloration. Coloration can help differentiate between males and females, but caveats exist. In the “standard” red zebra, males are bright red-orange and females are blue. However, in some color morphs of the red zebra, both males and females are red or blue.

Do zebra cichlids change color?

These fish are called the Orange Zebra Cichlid, Orange African Cichlid, or Orange Cichlid fish and are quite beautiful. Both the species’ males and females can morph into vibrant blues, yellows and reds or the blue-on-blue striped patterns that give its distinctive name.

What Mbuna cichlids can be kept together?

From my experience, yellow labs and Acei are the best mbunas to keep with other African cichlids including peacocks and haps. With other mbuna types, I would highly recommend keeping them with peacocks and haps that are large and a little more aggressive than them.

How big do red zebra cichlids get?

5 inches long
Red Zebras can grow up 5 inches long and live for 10-12 years if properly cared for. As representatives of the mbuna cichlid family, Red Zebras like an aquarium of 50-75 gallons with a slightly higher pH of 7.6-8.6 and a temperature of at least 78 degrees.

Can Mbuna live with African cichlids?

Will the zebra remain in Pseudotropheus?

It is unlikely it will remain in Pseudotropheus. To add to the confusion, it was only described as a distinct species in 1995, having previously been regarded as a morph of Maylandia zebra. Several colour forms are available and these should not be kept together under any circumstances as they will hybridise.

What is the lifespan of Pseudotropheus estherae?

The expected life span for Pseudotropheus estherae is 5-8 years. It is best to keep one male with several females. Add plenty of rock work to the tank to create hiding places but leave open swimming spaces at the front. Take care not to over feed these fish as it can lead to bloat.

Where do red zebras live in Africa?

Africa; Red zebras are found in Lake Malawi. Males will display a blue body colouration, in the females there main body colour will be orange and often this is covered in dark blotches. Red zebras are typical Malawi mouth brooders. The female will hold the eggs in her mouth to incubate for a period of up to 3 weeks.

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