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Are there Muslims in Longyearbyen?

Are there Muslims in Longyearbyen?

Further north, in the Svalbard archipelago, the long polar day still prevails. There are a handful of Muslims in Svalbard, an area where just now the sun never sets. Many will follow the fasting times for Mecca.

Can you be buried in Longyearbyen Norway?

Contrary to popular beliefs, it is not illegal to die in the town of Longyearbyen, Norway. There are simply no options for burial there, and terminally ill residents are flown to Oslo to live their last days.

Why can’t you be buried on Svalbard?

Svalbard in Norway can’t handle dead bodies – because of the permafrost. “The corpses won’t decompose, so they have to be shipped back to the mainland for burial.”

Who founded Longyearbyen?

John Munro Longyear
The town was founded in 1906 by the American John Munro Longyear. Ten years later he sold the settlement to a Norwegian coal company, who named their new home Longyearbyen. The name simply means Longyear Town in Norwegian.

Which food is traditionally eaten at the beginning of iftar?

Traditionally iftar begins with the consumption of dates, which are excellent sources of fibre, sugar and slow carbohydrates. Dates are also believed to be the food that the Islamic prophet Muhammed broke his fast with during Ramadan, along with camel milk and water.

What is forbidden in Longyearbyen?

In the Norwegian town of Longyearbyen, death is banned because of the weather.

Why can’t you be born on Svalbard?

One of the reasons was the fear that the preserved bodies may still contain traces of a flu virus that killed seven miners decades before. 9. Just as you can’t die, you can’t be born on Svalbard either. When a pregnant women has a few weeks remaining before her due date, she must travel to the mainland to give birth.

Do they speak English in Longyearbyen?

Norwegian is the official, and main language, of the archipelago. Mainly Norwegian-speaking settlements include Longyearbyen, the capital, Ny-Ålesund and Sveagruva.

Is English spoken in Longyearbyen?

The official language is Norwegian. However, nearly everyone speaks English. In Barentsburg Russian and Ukrainian are spoken.

What is called iftar in English?

Meaning of iftar in English the evening meal eaten by Muslims after the sun has gone down during Ramadan (= the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which time Muslims have no food or drink during the day): The iftar is followed by prayers. an iftar dinner/meal.

What is Longyearbyen in Norway?

Longyearbyen (Urban East Norwegian: [ˈlɔ̀ŋjiːrˌbyːən]; “the Longyear Town”) is the world’s northernmost settlement (with population greater than 1000) and largest inhabited area of Svalbard, Norway.

Who is the mayor of Longyearbyen?

As of 2002 Longyearbyen Community Council became an official Norwegian municipality. It is the seat of the Governor of Svalbard. The town’s mayor is Arild Olsen. Known as Longyear City until 1926, the town was established by and named after American John Munro Longyear, whose Arctic Coal Company started coal-mining there in 1906.

What is Longyearbyen College of Science?

The college is part of the 12,000 m 2 (130,000 sq ft) Svalbard Science Centre, which also features the Norwegian Polar Institute, EISCAT and Svalbard Science Forum. In 2006, about 9,000 research days were spent in Longyearbyen, most of which were by Norwegians.

How many dogs live in Longyearbyen?

Longyearbyen is home to around 1,000 eager polar dogs who will gladly take you out into the wilderness, while the toughest residents are members of the local snowmobile club, Sons of Svalbard.

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