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Can a student change their icon on seesaw?

Can a student change their icon on seesaw?

How teachers can change student profile icons: Tap ‘Manage Students’. Choose a student > Tap ‘Icon’ > Choose a different icon or tap ‘Use Photo’ at the bottom of the screen. You can take a photo using your device or select a photo from the camera roll.

What is seesaw ambassador?

Seesaw Ambassadors are a community of inspiring educators who help inspire other educators while using the Seesaw product. Please tap here to apply to become a Seesaw Ambassador! Once you have submitted your information, you will receive a notification letting you know if you have qualified to become an Ambassador.

What is included in seesaw plus?

What is Seesaw Plus?

  • View Student Progress Towards Key Skills: Teachers using Seesaw for formative assessments can tag student posts with their own set of skills or standards.
  • Multipage: Students can create posts of up to 20 pages and use powerful creative tools (drawing, voice, labels, photos, shapes, etc.)

Is there a free version of seesaw?

The core Seesaw service is free for teachers, families, and students. We also offer Seesaw for Schools with premium features to save time, foster collaboration, and improve family connections – all in Seesaw. You can view a comparison of Seesaw Free and Seesaw for Schools features here:

Can I upload a Powerpoint to seesaw?

Seesaw supports adding photos, videos, audio files, drawings, notes, PDFs, and links into Seesaw journals. You can also add work created using Google apps like Docs, Slides or Sheets directly into Seesaw portfolios! Seesaw will automatically convert files into PDFs for easy viewing.

What age is seesaw for?

Seesaw provides a safe, age-appropriate platform for our younger K-3 students to learn essential skills, create digital content, and display evidence of learning.

How can a student seesaw?

How do I enable Sample Student?

  1. Login to Seesaw as a teacher.
  2. Tap the wrench icon (top right).
  3. In the “Students” section, toggle on “Enable Sample Student”.

Can I share a collection in seesaw?

Create a Seesaw Wakelet Collection for Easy Sharing with a Larger Audience. Go to the ‘My Library’ tab, tap on the activity you would like to add to your Wakelet. Tap “share” then choose “Other Teachers.”

How do you submit an assignment on seesaw?

Submitting an Assignment to Seesaw

  1. Navigate to the correct class by clicking student name on the top left.
  2. Tap the activities tab and locate the activity that corresponds to the date you are posting for.
  3. To submit a response or turn in an assignment, Click the “Add Response” button.

What happens when you send back an assignment on seesaw?

Turn any piece of student work into a draft, so students can review and improve their work prior to posting to their journal. In the approval queue, tap ‘Send Back’ to send student work back to the student. With a comment, students can review specific feedback from their teacher.

How do you answer a seesaw question?

To do this activity with students…. 1. Share this activity by tapping the green Share button 2. Students sign in to Seesaw….Respond to a Question

  1. Tap the button.
  2. Tap the tool.
  3. Record your response and ask any questions you still have.

Can you print activities from seesaw?

You can print single Seesaw posts, Activities that are assigned in a Seesaw class, and print in bulk by student or by folder! If you want to print a single post or activity response from a student journal: 1. Sign in to your teacher account at

How do you use seesaw activities?

Share these instructions with your students!

  1. Tap the Activities tab.
  2. Tap the green +Add Response button.
  3. Select a Creative Tool for the activity.
  4. Create the post, then tap the green check.
  5. Edit the post to add voice recordings, drawings, text labels, or captions.
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