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Can I buy Diwali crackers online?

Can I buy Diwali crackers online?

Buy Crackers Sivakasi online at a best price in and enjoy your Diwali with sounds of crackers.

Can we order crackers online?

You can now buy fireworks online. What you need is internet and your gadget and you are sorted. Just a click and you have in front of you a variety of fireworks that are even hard to find in a cracker shop. The collection available online is at par with the variety you witness at the crackers’ shop.

Can I buy firecrackers online in India?

Buy crackers from the original branded Sivakasi crackers and fireworks in Mumbai, Indore, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi and all over India using Buy fireworks online, just a click to our website and enjoy this eve with your friends and family with our best quality crackers at affordable prices.

How do I get fire crackers online?


  1. 2 3/4″ SPARROW CRACKERS. ₹18.00 ₹9.00. Quantity.
  2. 10 CM ELECTRIC SPARKLERS. ₹34.00 ₹17.00. Quantity.
  3. 3 1/2″ LAKSHMI CRACKERS. ₹34.00 ₹17.00. Quantity.
  4. 10 CM COLOUR SPARKLERS. ₹44.00 ₹22.00.
  5. 10 CM GREEN SPARKLERS. ₹48.00 ₹24.00.
  6. 10 CM RED SPARKLERS. ₹52.00 ₹26.00.
  7. 2 SOUND CRACKERS. ₹72.00 ₹36.00.
  8. 3 SOUND CRACKERS. ₹92.00 ₹46.00.

Is crackers allowed in 2021?

Diwali 2021 is on November 4 and owing to the current air quality of northern states in India and the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic on the respiratory systems of many, several state governments decided to ban the usage and sale of firecrackers in the jurisdiction.

How much do crackers cost?

crackers price list

Name MRP Discount price
Standard Crackling Sparklers – 50cm 778 233
Standard Speed 100 shots 9500 2815
Standard Shock 100 shots 8836 2650
Standard Paradise 250 shots firecrackers 21544 6436

Is crackers banned in India 2021?

Is crackers banned in India?

Court reiterates curbs on use of toxic chemicals On October 29, the apex court had made it clear that there was no total ban on use of firecrackers. On Monday, a Special Bench of Justices A.M. Khanwilkar and Ajay Rastogi orally said there cannot be a complete ban of firecrackers.

Is it safe to buy fireworks online?

Yes, you can Buy Fireworks Online ! Consumer Fireworks are legal under Federal law for consumer use, therefore we can legally ship fireworks anywhere in the United States.

Where can I buy crackers online in Sivakasi?

If you are interested to buy crackers online, Crackers shope –Sivakasi Crackers Wholesale Dealers is the right platform. As we are the leading crackers wholesale manufacturers in Sivakasi, we deliver crackers directly from Sivakasi at affordable price.

Is it safe to burn crackers on Diwali?

The fireworks if burned in closed, congested or crowded areas can cause quite a damage. It is suggested to light diwali crackers in an open area like your terrace or field. Make sure the ventilation is proper wherever you decide to burn the crackers as the release of toxic fumes can cause a damage to health.

Why choose Ayyan fireworks for Diwali?

And when it comes to mentioning licensed and reliable fireworks seller, Ayyan Fireworks should be your only choice pertaining to the authenticity in quality of their fireworks. 2. How You Handle Fireworks Diwali gives us a bonus with variety of diwali crackers. Have you seen some of your friends keeping the diwali cracker in hand and burning it?

Is it safe to buy fireworks crackers online?

The better option here is to buy crackers online which is much more safer than buying them from shop. Always make sure to get the fireworks from a licensed and reliable seller as it is is prominent that the quality they sell is quite up to the mark and take care of the safety standards as well.

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