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Can I overclock my FX 6300?

Can I overclock my FX 6300?

Overclocking the FX-6300 from its stock speeds all the way up to 4.8GHz introduces massive performance gains; at 4.8GHz, our benchmark takes roughly 2/3 the amount of time it takes to run at stock.

Is AMD Overdrive Auto Clock safe?

Auto Clock Automated Configuration The system may crash during the test because of a particularly unstable setting. Additionally, the processor will operate at the highest end of its safe operating range throughout the test, but Auto Clock will stop testing if the CPU goes beyond the safe range.

Is the AMD FX TM 6300 good for gaming?

Overall performance is quite great on low and medium settings. A mix of medium and high would require the resolution to be dropped to 1333*768 to get 60FPS on a 19″ screen. That being said. I won’t recommend the FX-6300 for gaming right now.

Does the FX-6300 have integrated graphics?

The AMD FX-6300 is a desktop processor with 6 cores, launched in October 2012. This processor does not have integrated graphics, you will need a separate graphics card.

What cooler do you use with your FX-6300 Black Edition?

I have the FX-6300 Black Edition, with a GELID Rev. 2 Tranquillo as afternarket cooler. Also I have a Zalman Z11 tower with 5 fans in it. Also I my PSU has 70W to spare (of it’s max it can provide).

Will a FX-6300 bottleneck a rx-480?

If a FX-6300 bottlenecks a RX-480, then it would be worse with a 580 or let alone Vega. So I was wondering how far I can overclock a FX-6300 to either reduce or remove the bottlenecking on my future GPU.

Is the RX 480 good enough for the FX 6300?

RX 480 is just fine with fx 6300. Just overclock a bit to lessen the bottleneck. 6300 has been bottlenecking my friend’s 380 mate. It’s not fine and unless you can OC it to 5GHz you’ll still be getting choked. Your best bet is selling the whole system to build a new one.

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