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Can I use any app to view my CCTV?

Can I use any app to view my CCTV?

CCTV Monitor Mobile Applications Here at Guardian we recommend the free app called iVMS-4500 for CCTV systems. Better yet, the app is compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones. If you don’t have Wifi access, the app will still work using your mobile’s internet connection.

What’s the best DVR app?

Video Surveillance Ivideon For security cameras, DVRs, and NVRs, Ivideon is one of the finest apps for video surveillance, remote video monitoring, and video recording. With event notifications and recordings kept locally or in the Ivideon cloud, you’ll be able to keep track of things when you’re gone.

How does Alfred app work?

Alfred Camera currently has a feature called Moving Object Detection, which continuously uses the device’s camera to monitor a target scene. Once it identifies a moving object in the area, the app will begin recording the video and send notifications to the device owner.

How to manually add IP camera to DVR?

On the IP Camera Management interface,click the Custom Adding button to pop up the Add IP Camera (Custom) interface.

  • You can edit the IP address,protocol,management port,and other information of the IP camera to be added.
  • Click Add to add the camera.
  • How to connect cameras to the DVR?

    Step (1) Confirm Your DVR Supports IP Cameras. To do that,open your security camera DVR video management software and key in the login details.

  • Step (2) Connect the IP cameras to the PoE Switch.
  • Step (3) Configure the DVR recorder to your local network.
  • Step (4) Configure the cameras to your local Network.
  • Step (5) Add the cameras to the DVR recorder.
  • How to setup DVR to remote viewing security camera system?

    Install the most recent version of the Integrated Remote Station by downloading it from our website here: Integrated Remote Station Download.

  • Save the file “JPEG-IRS-Setup.exe” to your windows desktop or select run.
  • Once the installation is complete,an icon will be created on your Windows desktop to launch the Integrated Remote Station.
  • How to connect CCTV camera with DVR?

    Live Internet Connection. This can come from any internet service provider in your area.

  • Router. A Router is a device which forwards the data between your network connections.
  • Ethernet Cables. These are usually sold as CAT5 (Category 5) cables which are used to connect you to the internet.
  • DVR with the ability to be remotely viewed.
  • Monitor.
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