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Can Naruto beat Orochimaru?

Can Naruto beat Orochimaru?

In terms of just fighting ability and combat power, Naruto far surpasses Orochimaru. He can summon the same as Jiraiya. He can literally obliterate Orochimaru cells with his Rasenshuriken. Naruto can do multiple shadow clone jutsu and do techniques like massive Rasengan barrage and all.

What episode does Naruto fight Orochimaru on Netflix?

Episode 42. With the release of his fourth tail, Naruto completely loses his awareness and is overtaken by destructive impulses. When Sai’s and Yamato’s clones are finally able to get close enough, they witness a horrifying battle between Orochimaru and the transformed Naruto.

Is Orochimaru better than Sasuke?


Did Orochimaru fight pain?

People used to ask why Orochimaru would overlook Nagato’s Rinnegan. What we see in the games are supposed to be canon and so, Orochimaru did actually lose a fight to Pain while going after his Rinnegan. All members had to be convinced to join via a fight and Orochimaru proved himself strong to the objections of Sasori.

Is 4 Tail Naruto stronger than Orochimaru?

Yes.. naruto with 4 tails can beat orochimaru but cant kill him due to obivious reason as how creepy was orochimaru.. naruto with 4 tails beats jiyara during training which was more powerful shinobi than orochimaru.. Orochimaru failed to beat him but he was far from unbeatable.

Is Sage Kabuto stronger than Orochimaru?

4 SURPASSED: Kabuto Has Become Stronger Than Orochimaru By the end of the series, Orochimaru was no more powerful than he was after his introduction. Conversely, Kabuto was strong enough to face down Sasuke and Itachi simultaneously – the former of which had defeated the Sannin by himself.

Can Sasori beat Orochimaru?

Sasori wins 8/10 times, 10/10 times if Orochimaru is not immune to poison. Orochimaru only seemed to know about the Third Kazekage puppet, though. He didn’t know about Sasori’s own buddy, his 100 puppets or his poison.

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