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Can Node JS read pptx files?

Can Node JS read pptx files?

In node.js Inspired by officegen , which creates pptx with text/shapes/images/tables/charts wonderfully (but does not read existing PPT files). Also inspired by js-xlsx which reads/writes XLSX/XLS/XLSB, works in the browser and Node.js, and has an incredibly thorough test suite (but does not read or write PowerPoint).

What is Node JS?

WHAT IS NODE,JS Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine Node.js Uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O makes it lightweight and efficient el that WHY NODE, JS Asynchronous and Event Driven – many connections can be handled concurr Lightweight and Very Fast

What is pure JS PowerPoint editor?

Pure Javascript reader/writer/editor for PowerPoint, for use in Node.js or the browser. Run in browser and/or Node.js Early in development. It can currently:

What is NPM in Node JS?

NODE PACKAGE MANAGER (NPM) Node.js supports modularity. Each modules can be bu under a single package. NPM is used to install, update, uninstall and conf’ e ode JS Platform modules/packages very easily.

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