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Can testicular lumps hurt?

Can testicular lumps hurt?

They are often painless, but the affected testicle may sometimes ache or feel heavy. You may also experience some pain and discomfort if the cyst puts pressure on other structures in or around your testicle.

Do testicle cancer lumps hurt?

Symptoms of testicular cancer may include: A painless lump or swelling on either testicle. If found early, a testicular tumor may be about the size of a pea or a marble, but it can grow much larger. Pain, discomfort, or numbness in a testicle or the scrotum, with or without swelling.

When should I worry about a testicular lump?

Lumps or swelling on your testicles — or scrotal masses — are usually benign (not cancerous). But lumps can sometimes be a sign of another condition; in rare cases they may be a sign of testicular cancer. A doctor should examine your testicles and scrotum to find the cause of any lumps or swelling.

What causes a swollen testicle with pain?

Epididymitis is most often caused by a bacterial infection, including sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. Sometimes, a testicle also becomes inflamed — a condition called epididymo-orchitis.

What are the early warning signs of testicular cancer?

Signs and symptoms of testicular cancer include:

  • A lump or enlargement in either testicle.
  • A feeling of heaviness in the scrotum.
  • A dull ache in the abdomen or groin.
  • A sudden collection of fluid in the scrotum.
  • Pain or discomfort in a testicle or the scrotum.
  • Enlargement or tenderness of the breasts.
  • Back pain.

What does a epididymal cyst feel like?

A spermatocele (epididymal cyst) is a painless, fluid-filled cyst in the long, tightly coiled tube that lies above and behind each testicle (epididymis). The fluid in the cyst may contain sperm that are no longer alive. It feels like a smooth, firm lump in the scrotum on top of the testicle.

How do I check for testicular cancer?

Hold your testicle between your thumbs and fingers with both hands and roll it gently between your fingers. Look and feel for any hard lumps or nodules (smooth rounded masses) or any change in the size, shape, or consistency of your testicles.

What would cause lump on your testicles?

Pimple. Your scrotum has many follicles that contain hairs.

  • Sebaceous cyst. A sebaceous cyst happens when air,fluid,or another substance gets trapped inside a sebaceous gland.
  • Spermatocele.
  • Varicocele.
  • Genital herpes.
  • Scrotal or testicular mass.
  • Orchitis.
  • Testicular cancer.
  • Idiopathic scrotal calcinosis.
  • What should I do about lumps in my testicles?

    burning or itching

  • pus or discharge from white bumps or blisters
  • pain or tenderness around the bumps
  • What causes testicle lump?

    Infection (epididymitis) – A condition that can cause swelling in the epididymis,a tube behind the testicles that helps activate sperm.

  • Hernia – You may notice a hernia as a bulge above the testicle.
  • Varicocele – A condition that occurs when there is swelling in the vein that drains blood from the testicles.
  • What causes pain in testicles and lower abdomen?

    A lump in either testicle

  • A change in size or texture of your testicle
  • A dull ache or mild pain in the lower abdomen,back or groin
  • A heavy feeling in the scrotum
  • Pain (rarely)

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