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Can you be too old to play with Legos?

Can you be too old to play with Legos?

There is no age limit. You can never be too old to play with Lego. If you are still capable of it then you are not too old. Only thing to remember is that if you go into what the Lego collectors usually call the dark ages.

At what age do kids stop playing Legos?

Never, you can play with Legos fro as long as you like, there is no age limit on it. There are many people that are in their 30s and 40s and create fantastic masterpieces with Lego.

What age plays with Legos?

LEGO starts around age 3 traditionally, but it comes down to fine motor skills and whether or not the kid has stopped putting toys in their mouth. Especially since modern LEGO sets have way more tiny pieces.

Can 13 year olds play with Lego?

No. There is no age limit to playing with LEGO bricks.

Do a lot of adults play with Legos?

Adults are happy to play along — as long as there are instructions. Elisabeth Briggs finds calm in clicking small, interlocking bricks together and turning piles of multicolored plastic into something recognizable. Sometimes she has a beer while playing with Lego bricks — at 37, she’s allowed — or watches TV.

Is 12 too old for LEGOs?

12yrs old is not to old to be playing with legos. In fact Id say its probably very early for him or her to even considering “growing up” out of them.

Why is LEGO 16+?

For the really big sets that are typically 16+, the age suggestion is there not because people younger can’t build it, but because the average child would probably get bored after an hour or so of building. Take the Big Ben creator expert set that has over 4000 parts.

Is 12 too old for toys?

If a child still wants to play with toys as they move into adolescence, it is totally normal and to be celebrated! Unless a child’s play is affecting or replacing real-life friendships, there is no need to worry. In fact, we need to be more concerned about older kids who don’t play.

Why are some LEGO sets 16+?

The ages are a recommendation, based on difficulty of techniques used, and they differ from theme to theme. For example, a 16+ Technic set like set 42056, Porche 911, is a lot more complex than a 16+ Creator set like 10255, Assembly Square build-wise. How accurate are the Lego age range recommendations?

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