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Can you fix a rotten transom?

Can you fix a rotten transom?

Repairing A Rotted Transom One method is to use a product like Git-Rot from BoatLIFE. This two-part liquid epoxy fills and restores the dry rot inside the wood using capillary action to penetrate it without drilling it full of holes. You can inject Git-Rot directly into the wood for more thorough penetration.

How much does it cost to replace a transom?

How much to fix a wet transom. Repairing a transom is a laborious exercise that can range from $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the vessel size construction and tradesmen used for the task.

How do you reinforce a transom on a fiberglass boat?

Apply epoxy to the edges of the outer fiberglass skin of the transom and over the heads of the screws holding the skin to the plywood, and lay a strip of fiberglass cloth over the epoxy. Once the fiberglass has cured, repeat this step until four layers of fiberglass and epoxy have been applied.

How do you reinforce a transom?

Basically you cut the fiberglass skin off either the inside or the outside of the transom, remove the rotted plywood core, replace it with new plywood, I used regular construction plywood, and epoxy a new skin on over it.

How long do transoms last?

I have found the floor and transom to last roughly 10 years. Less if you don’t cover it or fish in monsoons. The problem is the manufacturers use cdx plywood on the transom and not marine plywood. If you replace it use 3 sheets of marine grade, screw them together and seal it with West systems epoxy.

How do you stop transom rot?

The best prevention for wood rot, is to remove all wood from a boat and use a material that will not rot. Finally, most boat manufacturers are moving this way with wood free transoms and wood free in the remainder of the boat. If a piece of wood is in and near water over a long period of time it will eventually rot.

How thick should a transom be?

Outboard transoms are pretty much standardized at 1.5″. Most use two layers of 3/4″ ply, but a stronger method is three layers of 1/2″. Transoms are typically reinforced with knees, usually a couple at the rail and two or three on the bilge stringers, to transmit torsion loads to the bottom.

How do you brace a transom?

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How many layers of fiberglass does a transom have?

You want each new layer extending far enough to catch more hull and more transom than the previous piece. Then you cover the whole transom with about 4 layers of 1708 to get your thickness.

How do you test transom?

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Should a transom Flex?

The flex/movement in the transom should not be enough to transfer stress to that part of the boat. It is not an integral support of the transom.

How thick are fiberglass transoms?

Vacuum up the dust and wipe down the fiberglass with acetone. Most transoms are on the order of one and a half inches thick.

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