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Can you park at Elland Road?

Can you park at Elland Road?

Car Park A and Car Park B are also available for fans as matchday car parking, with a cost of £6 per car. The club has introduced a dedicated drop off point in Car Park A (next to McDonalds) for those fans being dropped off at the stadium.

Do you have to pay for parking at Elland Road park and ride?

There are currently 3 bus-based Park & Rides in Leeds, located at Elland Road, Temple Green and Stourton. Parking at the Park & Rides is FREE, you only pay for the bus which is £3 per day*, £2.70 if you buy 20 days on a smartcard*, or £520 for the year* if you sign up here.

What time do gates open at Elland Road?

General admission turnstiles will open at 1.30pm, with the exception of the West Stand home turnstiles. Due to the West Stand car park being designated a ‘red zone’ until both teams have accessed the stadium, the general admission turnstiles for Entrances 4, 5 and 6 will not open until 2pm.

How do I get to Elland Road on matchday?

A matchday shuttle bus service operated by First Leeds Buses, numbered R2, departs from Sovereign Street, adjacent to Leeds station, to the stadium. The service departs 90 minutes before kick-off and runs at frequent intervals. At the end of the match, a frequent service will operate back to Leeds city centre.

How much is park and ride Elland Road?

Tickets & Fares: £3 day ticket (save up to 10% when bulk buying 20 tickets on your Park & Ride smartcard) £2 day ticket after 09:30am for Senior, Blind and Disabled Concessionary Pass holders. 5 people for £5.00 on weekends (5 people travelling together)

What time does Elland Road Park and Ride close?

Frequency – Leeds City Centre Stop Boar Lane, (Trinity stop P) – full timetable

Timetable Monday – Friday Saturday
From Elland Road 06:00-21:00 every 15 minutes 08:00-19:00 every 10 minutes
From Boar Lane 06:00-21:00 every 15 minutes 08:00-18:55 every 10 minutes

When did Elland Road park and ride Open?

July 2014
The Elland Road Park and Ride facility first opened in July 2014 with the provision of 425 parking spaces and a number of bus priority measures into Leeds city centre….Elland Road Park and Ride Expansion.

Project Lead Leeds City Council
Start and end dates July 2019- April 2020
Delivery partners West Yorkshire Combined Authority
Other funders None

Where do the away fans sit at Elland Road?

the John Charles Stand
Away fans are housed on one side of the John Charles Stand (towards the South Stand).

What are the stands called at Elland Road?

Elland Road has four stands – the Don Revie (North) Stand, the Jack Charlton (East) Stand, the Norman Hunter South Stand and the John Charles (West) Stand – and an all-seated capacity of 37,792 The record attendance of 57,892 was set on 15 March 1967 in an FA Cup 5th round replay against Sunderland.

Is Elland Road Park and Ride open today?

⚠️🚌⚽TODAY – Elland Road Park & Ride is closed TODAY and the PR1 service will not be running due to the Leeds United football match. However, Temple Green and Stourton Park & Rides are open!

Is Elland Road park and ride open today?

How do I Park at Elland Road?

The main car park at Elland Road can be accessed via Lowfields Road at the far end of the East Stand. There’s also an alternative car park based at the stadium which you enter by going down Wesley Street which is next to the Old Peacock pub. On-street parking is restricted near to the stadium for resident permits.

Where is the disabled parking at Lowfields Road?

The disabled parking that was previously available on Lowfields Road has now been suspended due to the road closure in place. Parking for disabled supporters will now be available in Car Park A, Car Park B and in the Fullerton Car Park.

What is the capacity of Elland Road?

Built in 1897, Elland Road is a football stadium located in the West Yorkshire city of Leeds. Home to Leeds United since the club’s formation in 1919, the ground has a capacity of 37,890. Elland Road is dominated by the East Stand on one side of the stadium.

Where is the address for Elland Road?

Stadium address: Elland Road, Leeds, LS11 0ES. Phone: 0871 334 1919. Built in 1897, Elland Road is a football stadium located in the West Yorkshire city of Leeds. Home to Leeds United since the club’s formation in 1919, the ground has a capacity of 37,890.

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