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Can you refill ink cartridges at Staples?

Can you refill ink cartridges at Staples?

Both Office Max and Staples have offered ink refill drops and “while-you-wait” services in the past, but every location is different and the services are not advertised. For those interested in refilling at these stores, it is best to check with customer service first.

How many times you can refill an ink cartridge?

Until the print head wears out you can continue to recycle your empty cartridges. Generally, you can expect to refill your empty OEM cartridge between 2-6 times.

How many ink cartridges can I recycle at Staples?

Buy a printer cartridge refill kit at an office supply store or from an online retailer.

  • Put on rubber gloves to prevent getting ink on your hands.
  • Remove the printer cartridge and locate the two refill holes or toner refill port,which might be under the label.
  • Does Staples take back old ink cartridges?

    Accepted Cartridges: Forms & Cartridge Prices. Effective Immediately: For every Laser Cartridge we receive that is damaged, previously refilled, or not on our Accepted Cartridge List we will deduct $1.00 from payment. Also, if only a small percentage of the Lasers are broken, previously refilled, or not on our Accepted Cartridge List you will

    How many times should you refill an ink cartridge?

    Check that the printer is turned on.

  • Locate and open the cartridge access door,which is on the right side of the printer.
  • Press down on the old cartridges in order to release them from the carriage,and remove them.
  • Take the new cartridges out of the packaging and remove the protective tape.
  • Hold the cartridges with the printed label facing up.
  • How do you refill Staples?

    To refill a stapler, all you need to do is locate the staple tray and put some new staples in it. Start by lifting up the top of your stapler and placing a stick of joined staples in the tray. In some cases, your stapler will have latches on the side that you’ll need to slide to unlock.

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