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Can you use the same personal statement as last year?

Can you use the same personal statement as last year?

It’s understandable really; most medical students or graduates do not enjoy the tedious task of writing the Personal Statement once– let alone twice or more! However, choosing to simply use the same Personal Statement you used last application cycle or even a slightly edited version presents some dangers.

How do you not write a personal statement?

How not to write a personal statement

  1. Start with your general motivation. This sounds like good advice: tell the admissions tutor why you want to study your chosen subject.
  2. Keep it simple and personal.
  3. Stay clear of abstract theory or opinion.

What do you say to university in clearing?

Be polite, calm and positive about your plans and future ambitions. 7. Make sure you have researched each university before you call them. The staff you speak to will want to confirm that you have made an informed decision to study there, and not just chosen them out of desperation.

How long does clearing take to confirm?

2 weeks

How do you write a personal statement for a masters sample?

How should I start my Masters personal statement?

  1. For as long as I can remember…
  2. From a young age…
  3. I am applying for this course because…
  4. Throughout my life I have always enjoyed.
  5. I have always been interested in…
  6. I have always been passionate about…
  7. I have always wanted to pursue a career in…

Are Clearing grades lower?

Most universities that have course vacancies during Clearing will be prepared to accept you if your grades are below their entry requirements as long as you sound passionate and are right for the degree subject. They may also accept you based on the UCAS points you’ve accumulated rather than you final grades.

Can I use the same personal statement for different courses?

Yes, you can apply to more than one course at the same university. For instance, you might apply to a single honours English course and a joint honours English and Media course, both at the same university.

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