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Did Margot Lee Shetterly know Katherine Johnson?

Did Margot Lee Shetterly know Katherine Johnson?

One of the biggest compliments to the book and the movie is that Katherine Johnson and her family were very highly complimentary,” says Shetterly. “I knew Katherine Johnson and I knew Mary Jackson,” she says. “At one point she worked for my dad.

Why did Margot Lee Shetterly write Hidden Figures?

It’s part of the reason why I went to work on Wall Street, which was something I wanted to do from the time I was really young. Writing Hidden Figures, for me, was a way of helping myself understand a lot of those things that I’ve always been trying to understand.

How old is Margot Lee Shetterly?

52 years (June 30, 1969)
Margot Lee Shetterly/Age

Where did shetterly grow up?

black Hampton University
She grew up around the historically black Hampton University, where some of the women in Hidden Figures studied. Her research has been supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.

Is Hidden Figures movie based on a true story?

The movie “Hidden Figures” follows the true story of these three women, who all began their journey working at NASA as a part of the West Computers, a segregated group of African American women hired to process aeronautic data in the Space Race era.

Is Hidden Figures book a true story?

Based on a true story, Hidden Figures follows the events of the U.S. and Russian race to put the first man in orbit. Behind the scenes of one of the greatest operations in U.S. history, a group of African-American women (played by Taraji P.

Where did Margot Lee Shetterly live?

She is a native of Hampton, Virginia, where she knew many of the women behind the history in Hidden Figures. She lived for many years in New York and Mexico before moving to Charlottesville, Virginia, where she lives with her husband, writer Aran Shetterly.

Is Hidden Figures a true story?

Who is Margot Shetterly husband?

Aran Shetterly
Margot Lee Shetterly/Husband
Shetterly, a 1991 graduate of the McIntire School, and her husband, writer Aran Shetterly, live in Charlottesville. Since the success of “Hidden Figures,” she committed to publish two more books in a trilogy loosely shaped around charismatic mid-century African-American figures.

Is Paul Stafford a real person?

Paul Stafford, portrayed by Jim Parsons Paul Stafford is a fictional character representing a number of white engineers at NASA for whom Katherine Johnson worked. A statistician and theorist, Stafford has no interest in giving up his white male privileges.

Is Katherine a Russian spy?

Katherine is a Russian spy.

Is movie Hidden Figures historically accurate?

The screenplay takes some artistic liberties. Although the overall arc of the space-race plot of “Hidden Figures” is pretty accurate, several liberties were taken.

How old is Shetterly now?

Shetterly in 2016. Margot Lee Shetterly (born June 30, 1969) is an American non-fiction writer who has also worked in investment banking and media startups.

Who is Aran Shetterly?

Margot Lee married Aran Shetterly, a writer and historian. Hidden Figures: The Story of the African-American Women Who Helped Win the Space Race. William Morrow/HarperCollins, 2016. ISBN 9780062363596.

Who is Margot Lee Shetterly?

Margot Lee Shetterly (born 1969) is an American non-fiction writer who has also worked in investment banking and media startups.

What did Jennifer Shetterly do After college?

After college, Shetterly moved to New York and worked several years in investment banking, first on the Foreign Exchange trading desk at J.P. Morgan, then on Merrill Lynch ‘s Fixed Income Capital Markets desk. She shifted to the media industry, working at a variety of startup ventures, including the HBO -funded website

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