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Did Randy Orton break his collar bone?

Did Randy Orton break his collar bone?

It turned out Orton and Lawler were right, as Orton really did break his collarbone during his tumble out of the ring. Although it was clear that Orton had suffered a legitimate injury, the match had to go on. Triple H realized Orton was hurt and got him back to his feet so that the match could continue.

Did Randy Orton break his neck?

“Something that a lot of people don’t know is I broke my neck two years ago. The last time I was on television on SmackDown, I think it was a segment involving — it was a B-Team segment involving Braun Strowman.”

How did Batista get injured?

In December 2008 Batista got punted in head by Randy Orton which caused him an injury. This was a shock for fans and for WWE because a lot of people thought that Batista was going to win the Royal Rumble and at WM 25, it was going to be Batista vs Cena 2.

Who are the rudest wrestlers?

10 Wrestlers Known To Be Rude Backstage (And 5 So Nice It’s Nauseating)

  • 8 8. Rude: Enzo Amore.
  • 7 7. Nice: Bayley.
  • 6 6. Rude: Dynamite Kid.
  • 5 5. Rude: The Miz.
  • 4 4. Nice: Braun Strowman. adamscherr99.
  • 3 3. Rude: Sable. Via:
  • 2 2. Rude: John Cena. via
  • 1 1. Nice: Finn Balor. via

How tall is Mr. Kennedy?

6′ 2″Ken Anderson / Height

Why did Mr. Kennedy get fired from WWE?

During a house show on August 4th, 2008, Mr. Four days later, Mr. Kennedy was released from the company. The reason behind Kennedy being fired only four days after returning from injury was due to a botched belly-to-back suplex.

What happened to Randy Orton from WWE?

Within weeks of his debut on the Raw brand, Orton suffered a shoulder injury, leaving him sidelined for months. While recovering, Orton still appeared on Raw, in his own “Randy News Network” segment, a weekly vignette featuring him talking about his condition.

What happened to Randy Orton at Money in the bank?

At Money in the Bank, Orton defeated CM Punk, Rob Van Dam, Christian, Daniel Bryan, and Sheamus to become the Mr. Money in the Bank for the WWE Championship. The following night on Monday Night Raw, Orton confronted WWE Champion John Cena, stating that when he cashed in, Cena would never see it coming.

Which legend would Randy Orton like to enter the ring with?

If Orton could pick one legend to enter the ring with, it would be his father. Orton is the 3rd person to pin John Cena 3 times, following Kurt Angle and Edge. He is followed by CM Punk and The Miz. Orton is friends off-screen with Edge, CM Punk, and John Cena.

What happened between Randy Orton and Scott Barrett?

At Survivor Series, Team Barrett defeated Team Orton, over the following months the two would run-in on each other’s matches until meeting at TLC 2011 in a tables match. On the February 3 edition of SmackDown, Orton defeated Barrett in a No Disqualification match to end the feud.

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