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Does DisplayLink work on Linux?

Does DisplayLink work on Linux?

DisplayLink devices on Linux still only have experimental support. While some people have had success in using them, it is generally not an easy process and not guaranteed to work.

What is DisplayLink Ubuntu?

The new DisplayLink driver for Ubuntu features an improved installer, that aims to perform the installation process in a single step if possible. The installer should be started with administrative privileges: sudo ./

How install DisplayLink Linux?


  1. Install the DKMS package: sudo apt install dkms.
  2. Download the driver package from the DisplayLink website.
  3. Change to the download directory (typically ~/Downloads): cd ~/Downloads.
  4. Unzip the archive: unzip DisplayLink\ USB\ Graphics\ Software\ for\ Ubuntu\ *.zip.
  5. Install it: sudo ./displaylink-driver- version .run.

How do I start DisplayLink?

DisplayLink software can be installed from Windows Update….Windows 7 to 10 operating systems

  1. Double click on the DisplayLink executable, eg DisplayLink_RX.
  2. Click Yes.
  3. The System Compatibility Check then runs.
  4. Click Install (if the System Compatibility Check passes).
  5. Connect your DisplayLink enabled device.

How do I run DisplayLink in Ubuntu?

Installing the DisplayLink driver

  1. Check DisplayLink’s website to ensure your environment meets the minimum requirements.
  2. Ensure the USB cord is disconnected.
  3. Download the DisplayLink driver from DisplayLink’s website.
  4. Extract the files.
  5. Confirm the file is executable.

Does DisplayLink work on Ubuntu?

DisplayLink driver will support up to 2 displays connected to DisplayLink devices on Ubuntu LTS versions. More than 2 DisplayLink displays and non-LTS Ubuntu may work, but not supported or tested by DisplayLink. Resolutions up to 4K are supported on the appropriate DisplayLink hardware.

How do I run DisplayLink in Linux?

Installation Instructions

  1. Install the DKMS framework from a Terminal using command sudo apt-get install dkms.
  2. Execute the DisplayLink .run file using the Terminal, by cding to the directory containing the .run file and running the command sudo ./ (where xxxx is the version number)

Does DisplayLink work with any dock?

Whether it’s a business laptop, the family MacBook, or an Android tablet or smartphone, they can all connect to the same additional monitors, keyboard and mouse using a DisplayLink-enabled universal dock. Any device, any O.S, any connector – it just works.

Is Ubuntu on Wayland better?

So again, go back to an LTS release! The simplest answer is Ubuntu Wayland is always faster(better) than Ubuntu in Xorg or in X11. The simplest answer is Ubuntu Wayland is always faster(better) than Ubuntu in Xorg or in X11.

Is Wayland better?

In terms of benefits, Wayland is a lot less complex than X which should make it easier to maintain – although some of this simplicity comes from pushing the complexity (eg: how to actually draw onto that buffer, network transparency) to other layers of the stack.

How do I configure DisplayLink with XRandR?

Install the displaylink AUR driver. For Xorg it allows configuring DisplayLink monitors using Xrandr in the same manner as the udl driver; for Wayland no configuration is necessary. Enable displaylink.service. For Xorg use the “modesetting” driver with AccelMethod “none” and MatchDriver “evdi”. Create a file with the following content:

How do I set up a DisplayLink monitor?

Use xrandr or your Desktop Environment’s display setup UI to configure your USB monitors running either the udl or displaylink driver. Once the driver is loaded, the DisplayLink monitor is listed as an output provider: In the above example, provider 1 is the DisplayLink device, and provider 0 is the default display.

Can I use DisplayLink on Arch Linux?

Using Displaylink on Arch Linux. If, like me, your company has chosen DisplayLink to connect to your big fat 29” monitor, or to connect to TV in meeting room, and you use linux you are probably not very (at all) pleased with that choice !

How to fix redraw issue on DisplayLink monitor?

where 1366 and 768 are the horizontal and vertical resolutions for your monitor, and 59.9 is the refresh rate from its specs. To use this, create a new mode with xrandr like follows: and add it to Xrandr : Then tell the monitor to use that mode for the DisplayLink monitor, and this should fix the redraw issues.

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