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Does Donaldson make oil filters for cars?

Does Donaldson make oil filters for cars?

Donaldson Lube Filtration Overview Donaldson carries a complete line of lube oil filters for diesel engines. Get peak engine and equipment performance with Donaldson lube filters.

Are Donaldson filters good?

Our mining customers are finding that Donaldson filters provide the highest filtration efficiency and lowest maintenance costs – which is a real advantage in an industry where margins are under constant pressure.”

Who manufactures Donaldson filters?

Donaldson Company

Type Public
Industry Filtration Engines Membranes Gas Turbines Valves Hydraulics
Founded 1915
Headquarters Bloomington, Minnesota, U.S.
Key people Tod E. Carpenter Chief Executive Officer, President and Director Scott Robinson, Chief Financial Officer

What is a lube filter?

Lube Filters remove impurities and the wear-causing contaminants from the engine’s oil, rather like. kidneys purify the blood. If the Lube Filters are not doing an effective job, engine life can be radically. shortened.

Does Donaldson make Amsoil filters?

AMSOIL is now introducing the P-Series of Donaldson filters to complement the Endurance line. The expanded offering of filtration products features many applications that differ from, and several that coincide with the Endurance line.

What brand is a blue oil filter?

Donaldson Blue Oil Filters – AMSOIL.

Is lube oil and filter an oil change?

Description of Lube, Oil & Filter Change An oil change and filter replacement is one of many preventative maintenance services that help promote maximum vehicle performance while extending the life of your vehicle. Together, the oil and oil filter keep your vehicle’s engine operating at optimal levels of performance.

Is lube oil and filter change same as oil change?

During an oil change, our staff will change the oil filter, drain the dirty oil from your engine, and replace it with clean, new oil to keep your engine running smoothly. During a lube and oil change, our service staff will lubricate the chassis and the internal framework that holds your car together.

Why choose Donaldson Lube filters?

Donaldson lube filters keep oil clean by capturing contaminants that can cause engine damage. We carry a complete line of oil filters for diesel engines – in both standard life and Donaldson Blue® for extended service intervals.

Why choose Donaldson synteq™ media?

Donaldson Synteq™ media technology delivers the optimal balance of efficiency, capacity and restriction for lube systems. Removes more than 90% of contaminants that are 10 microns or larger (cellulose filters typically remove 50% or less) Delivers lower restriction to provide maximum oil flow and lubrication.

Where is Donaldson Global located?

Global Headquarters 1400 W 94th Street Bloomington, MN 55431 © 2022 Donaldson Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved Privacy NoticeTerms of UseTerms of Sale North America | English

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