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Does India have any secret weapons?

Does India have any secret weapons?

Agni-VI is an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) being developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The missile is guided using the latest technologies and is expected to weigh between 55,000 and 70,000 kilograms.

Which guns do Indian Army use?

AK 203 is an automatic and semi-automatic rifle; it has an effective range of 500m and can fire up to 600 RPM. At 3.8 Kgs, it is shorter in length and lighter than the 5.56mm INSA (Indian Small Arms System) assault rifle, the current standard issue for the Indian Army, which it will be replacing.

What are the latest defence deals?

4 major defence deals inked by India in 2021

  • New Delhi, Dec 12: In a big boost to Athmanirbhar Bharat, India signed several significant defence deals with the United States of America (USA) and Russia to boost its defence sector.
  • India-Russia ink deal for AK-203 assault rifles.
  • India-US Predator drones deal.

Does India export defence equipment?

India exported defence equipment worth over ₹8,434 crore in 2020-21: Govt. NEW DELHI : India has exported defence equipment worth ₹8,434.84 crore in 2020-21 compared to ₹1,940.64 crore in 2014-15, the ministry of defence (MoD) said in answer to a question in Parliament on Monday.

Is KALI a real weapon?

India has designed a top secret weapon, KALI, which will be an answer to any uninvited missile aimed to disturb the peace of India. KALI stands for Kilo Ampere Linear Injector. The weapon is designed so that it can be used to destroy missiles and aircrafts through soft-kill.

Is AK-47 used by Indian Army?

SSS Defence is a manufacturer of small arms, ammunition and weapon accessories. The Indian firm will upgrade an initial lot of 24 AK-47 assault rifles held by an army unit under the Jaipur-based South Western Command, with more orders likely to follow, said a second official.

Which sniper is used by Indian Army?

The Sako TRG 42 sniper rifle is considered one of the most accurate and trustworthy weapons worldwide. The Indian Army has made some changes in its sniper training course. It has also decided to train the snipers on the . 338 Sako TRG 42 rifles.

What is the budget of Indian Army?

On 1 February 2020, the Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman presented the budget. The allocation for defence during the fiscal year 2020-21 stood at (US$73.86 Billion). This amounted to an increase of just under 9%.

Does India have air Defence system?

India is currently developing multi-layer air defence system. Multi-layer air defence system would ensure successful interception of incoming areal threats. India’s multi-layer air defence system would consist of four layers as mentioned below.

Which country buys weapons from India?

Top 5 arms importers

Country Share of arms imports (%)
India 9.5 14
Egypt 5.8 2.4
Australia 5.1 3.6
China 4.7 4.4

Can India export Tejas?

The dependence on foreign components means that India can not independently export its Tejas fighter jet to any country. The countries which have contributed to the development of the Tejas may disapprove of its sale to any of their rival countries.

What are some of the latest defence deals of India?

Below we have mentioned the latest defence deals of India: In October 2019, India put the FVS (Fleet Vessel Ship) Agreement on hold after questions were raised on Turkey’s links with Pakistan and the recent diplomatic tiff with the Recep Tayyip Erdogan government. Turkish shipyards are major suppliers of warships to the Navy of Pakistan.

What is the India-US missile deal?

The contract was finally sealed in February 2020, during President Trump’s visit to India. The $2.6 billion deal between India and the US includes helicopter, communication systems, weapons systems, eight anti-surface Hellfire Missiles which can be used to hit at ships, MK 54 Lightweight Torpedoes, 50 cannons and precision rocket systems.

Which country has approved foreign military sale to India?

United States of America (USA) has approved Foreign Military Sale to India of 13 MK45 5 inch/62 caliber (MOD 4) Naval guns and related equipment for an estimated cost of $1.0210 billion.

Why India’s 40 million USD defence deal with Armenia Beats Russia and Poland?

India’s 40 million USD defence deal with Armenia beats Russia and Poland: On March 1, 2020, India bagged a deal to supply 4 indigenously built radars (capable of locating weapons) to Armenia. The deal was worth 40 million USD. India and Armenia signed deals on DRDO built “Swati” weapon locating radars.

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