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Does Istanbul University teach in English?

Does Istanbul University teach in English?

İstanbul University at which 55 thousand students and academician more than 5 thousand exist enables education opportunity at two different languages in Turkish and English. In other departments, English is up to student’s choice. Courses may be taken 30% or 100% English.

What courses does Istanbul University offer?

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science Istanbul

  • BScBusiness Administration.
  • BScAviation Management.
  • BScInternational Trade.
  • BScPolitical Sciences and International Relations.
  • BAAccounting and Financial Management.
  • BScBusiness Administration.
  • BScEconomics and Finance.

Is Istanbul University a private university?

Istanbul University (Turkish: İstanbul Üniversitesi) is a public research university located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Is Uni free in Turkey?

Turkey is home to numerous universities that offer very low tuition fees but they do not operate on a tuition fee-free basis. In general, the country is not known for expensive degrees and has several cheap universities in Turkey.

Can foreigners study in Istanbul University?

Istanbul University is considered to be a large university, teaching more than 82,000 students. Foreign citizens can submit their applications along with the local students. The ratio of foreign students at Istanbul University is 5% of all students. The academic staff includes more than 2800 teachers and professors.

What language does Istanbul University teach in?

The University of Istanbul, which has 55,000 students and more than 5,000 academics, offers teaching opportunities in two different languages ​​in Turkish and English.

What is the rank of Istanbul University?

Istanbul University 2021-2022 Ranking

Institution Name Istanbul University
Country Turkey
World Rank 673
National Rank 5
Quality of Education Rank 456

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