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Does Louis Vuitton have an online store?

Does Louis Vuitton have an online store?

Louis Vuitton products are sold exclusively in official Louis Vuitton stores, on the Louis Vuitton official website and through

Does Louis Vuitton ship to Norway?

If there is any items you wish to purchase, Louis Vuitton will deliver them directly to you. Holzweiler is offering free home delivery in Oslo using Hast messenger service, and via post to other places in Norway.

Do all authentic Louis Vuitton have serial numbers?

Contrary to popular belief, Louis Vuitton handbags (excluding luggage and rare limited edition pieces) do not have serial numbers. With the exception of early handbags (early 1980s and older), date codes can be found on all Louis Vuitton handbags and other items made by the luxury brand (e.g. sunglasses).

How do you read LV codes?

Features: Two letters followed by four digits. The first two letters represent the factory location. The first and third numbers represent the month and the second and forth numbers represent the year. For example, “AR1004” would indicate that the bag was made in France in October of 2004.

Does Louis Vuitton have a store in Seattle?

Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has brought unique designs to the world, combining innovation with style and always aiming for the finest quality. Discover Louis Vuitton’s commitment to fine craftsmanship through a selection of leather goods, accessories and more at our Downtown Seattle and Chicago stores.

Does Nordstrom sell Louis Vuitton in Chicago?

We offer Louis Vuitton at our Nordstrom store in Chicago. See contact information and browse our designer collections at

Is Louis Vuitton considered a luxury brand?

Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s leading international fashion houses. It sells its products through standalone boutiques, lease departments in high-end departmental stores, and through the e-commerce section of its website. For six consecutive years (2006–2012), Louis Vuitton was named the world’s most valuable luxury brand.

Who is the designer of Louis Vuitton menswear?

In 2010, Louis Vuitton opened what is described as their most luxurious store in London. In early 2011, Louis Vuitton hired Kim Jones as its “Men Ready-to-Wear Studio and Style Director”. He became the lead designer of menswear while working under the company-wide artistic directorship of Marc Jacobs.

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