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Does Smith and Wesson still make 586?

Does Smith and Wesson still make 586?

357 Magnum cartridge; it will also chamber and fire . 38 Special cartridges. The Model 586 has a carbon steel construction and is available in a blued or nickel finish; it is essentially the same firearm as the Model 686, which has stainless steel construction….

Smith & Wesson Model 586
Sights Adjustable rear open sights

What year is my 586 Smith and Wesson?

357 Magnums: the Model 581, Model 586, Model 681 and Model 686. The Model 581 had a fixed notch type rear sight, whereas the 586 used a target style adjustable rear sight. These handguns had a major effect on both law enforcement and sporting markets. The 586 was introduced in 1980 and the 581 was discontinued in 1988.

Who has the revolver in r6?

. 357 Magnum revolver, short to medium range handgun, with high stopping power and penetration. The LFP586 is an American handgun featured in Rainbow Six Siege. It is available for use by Twitch, Montagne, Doc, Rook, Lion and Kaid.

What kind of barrel does Smith and Wesson 586 have?

Smith & Wesson’s original blued Model 586 in .357 Magnum now returns in the company’s Classic line. Offered with 4- and 6-inch barrels, the latest 586 has new lockwork but the square-butt grip frame and the same overall external lines of the original.

When did S&W Stop Making Model 586 revolvers?

During its run from 1980 to 1999, the six-shot Model 586 was offered in several variations and more than a few commemorative versions. Subsequently, S&W dropped the blued model in favor of the stainless Model 686 equivalent as part of a general trend toward stainless revolvers.

Should I buy a Smith&Wesson 586 (686)?

If you’re looking for a .357 Magnum revolver the Smith & Wesson 586 ( 686) would certainly be suitable for most needs and will remain that way for some time, as the company announced that they will be re-releasing it. However, if it’s not in your interest to buy it at the new asking price, the used models are still certainly a viable option.

How big is the barrel on a Smith and Wesson 357 Magnum?

This Smith & Wesson 586-3 .357 Magnum is factory laser engraved with a 6 inch barrel. Contact us to make this beauty yours today! Click for more info

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