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How big are the waves in Cardiff?

How big are the waves in Cardiff?

Current Surf Report for Cardiff Reef Current Conditions

High 5:38AM 5.97ft
Low 1:04PM -0.95ft
High 7:44PM 3.58ft

Where are the Surfline cameras?

You can access the Multi-Cam from any page on the Surfline website by clicking the small “Multi-Cam” icon on the far-left corner of the “Favorites” bar.

How big are the waves right now in San Diego?

Current Surf Report for Mission Beach (San Diego) Current Conditions

Low 1:52AM 2.03ft
High 7:40AM 5.94ft
Low 3:06PM -0.85ft
High 9:11PM 4ft

Where is Seaside Reef surf spot?

The parking lot at Seaside Beach is on Highway 101 just north of the city of Solana Beach. Highway 101 is between Cardiff State Beach and the lagoon for the entire length of the park. Surfers enjoy the waves that break over the reef known as Seaside Reef, Cardiff Reef, or Tabletops.

How do I get to Cardiff Reef?

The lineup at Cardiff Reef is easy to find, just a stone’s throw west from US 101. The Machester Exit from I-5 heads west before turning into San Elijo Ave. Just head north on San Elijo and when you see a couple dozen heads bobbing waiting for the next set to roll down the reef, congrats, you’ve arrived.

How many cameras does Surfline have?

Fast forward to today and we have over 500 live surf cams all over the world. From our home in Southern California to Northern California, Hawaii, Australia, Portugal, Indonesia.”

What kind of cameras does Surfline use?

It uses 100 high-definition video cameras and 50 standard-definition cams mounted in Hawaii, the West Coast, and the East Coast. Some of the cameras are in a fixed position, while others offer pan/tilt/zoom controls.

What is the water temp in Carlsbad?

Today’s Carlsbad City Beach sea temperature is 60 °F.

Is beacons a beginner surf spot?

Beacons: Beach break very friendly to beginners and intermediates with a really soft wave. This is a very slow and forgiving wave. This is our family’s local North County San Diego surf spot.

Is there a live surf cam in Cardiff Reef?

CARDIFF REEF LIVE SURF CAM Powered by: HDOnTap Check the local surf, weather, beach conditions, Cardiff State Beach parking lot and traffic on Highway 101 with the free live Cardiff Reef surf cam.

What is the wave at Cardiff like?

The wave is usually slow and a little mushy, but with real low tides and big winter swells, the south peak at Cardiff can be a real smoker. Otherwise, break out the log and join the party.

What to do in Cardiff CA?

If you’re visiting or vacationing the Cardiff area in San Diego, make sure to visit the local staples, Sea Side Market, VG Donuts and Rancho Coastal Humane Society Thrift Shop. This live cam ptz tours around the entire Cardiff coastline, starting on the far left of the cam which shows Cardiff State Beach.

Where are the best beaches in Cardiff?

Boasting pristine beaches, an oceanfront campground, and a devout local surfing community, Cardiff starts at the river mouth, flanked by San Elijo State Beachand Cardiff State Beach, and extends north to Swami’s Point in Encinitas. This stretch of coastline offers wide open sandy beaches, gorgeous cliffs and great surfing.

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