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How big should a stall door be for a horse?

How big should a stall door be for a horse?

Stall door manufacturers typically supply a doorway opening of slightly over 7 feet with a 42- to 45-inch width. These are the dimensions of the actual open area that the horse can pass through. These smaller doorway openings are adequate for horse and handler safety.

What is the correct dimensions of the stalls in the stallion barn?

For a stallion, the stall should be at the minimum sixteen by sixteen or twelve by twenty-four. The same is needed for a pregnant mare about to give birth. The extra space allows the mare to get up and down as required, and the stallion to have the area he needs.

How wide should a barn aisle be?

When building a barn, always create an aisle that’s a minimum of 12 feet wide. This width will work for many barns, but consider the type of activity that your barn will see, too. A breeding barn housing mare and foal pairs will benefit from a wider aisle to accommodate leading multiple horses out.

What are the best doors for horse stalls?

Strong and attractive Dutch Doors provide a stylish look for horse stalls. Mix and match several combinations to create your own look for the inside or outside of the barn. These are for exterior use as well as interior use or used as doors for your stalls! Split design allows top section to remain open while bottom half provides security.

Why choose American stalls for your barn doors?

At American Stalls, every single stall door and steel grill insert is built to order. For this reason, we guarantee that your stall doors will be made to your exact specficiation, design goals, and lifestyle needs. Our clients can mix and match between several options to create a custom stall door that is tailored to your barn’s needs.

What is a horse barn kit?

A horse barn kit is a pre-engineered design and materials package that includes everything you need to assemble the structure after it arrives at your location. Our wood horse barn packages include sets of highly detailed blueprints, framing material, doors and windows, siding and trim, and much more.

How to customize sliding horse stall fronts?

There are many ways to customize sliding horse stall fronts. Horse stall doors can be designed very open, very closed, or a combination of both. By adding an opening, either yoke or square with corresponding fill piece, you can enclose or secure your horse in the stall as needed.

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