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How can I be bold and confident?

How can I be bold and confident?

17 Bold Ways to Boost Your ConfidenceKnow the difference. Discard the negative thoughts you don’t need. Learn your confidence areas. Enter a state of strong positive emotion. Forgive yourself. Recognize confident role models. Celebrate the failures of others (no, really). Don’t feel the need to say yes.

How do you talk boldly without fear?

Cultivate an attitude of boldnessStop being nice. Saying what you think enhances your career. Not saying what you think annoys people. Your ideas can help other people. What’s the worst that can happen. Ask your audience to take action. Be provocative. Imagine the friendliest audience.

How do I speak up?

Before you speak up, get clear about what it is you need to say and why. Pay attention when you feel resentful. Ask yourself why. Identify when you need to say no. Are you someone who needs to learn to say no? Honor your emotions. If you shove down your emotions, notice that habit. Get wise help and support.

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