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How can I check my GCE OL result?

How can I check my GCE OL result?

How to check exam results using Mobile

  1. go to
  2. type your index no and submit.

How do I get my OL and AL certificate online?

The certificates of G.C.E. (O.L) and G.C.E. (A.L) examinations conducted in the year 2001 and afterwards should be applied online by visiting > “Request Certificates”.

How do I find my AL index number?

You can get your forgotten index no of GCE O/L and A/L Examination via online. No Need to visit the department of Examination.

How can I check my GCE 2021 result?

Students can check for the 2021 GCE results using your Mobile Phone through the following procedure;

  1. Open the message pad on your Mobile Phone.
  2. Type the Full Examination Number (Leave Space)
  3. Type Examination Year (Leave Space)
  4. Type Examination Grade and then.
  5. Send to 8383.

How can I get online education certificate in Sri Lanka?

Candidates wanting to obtain certified education certificates have to apply online or through e-mail after logging into the Education Ministry official website Further details can be obtained from the Certificates Branch by dialling 011278423 or the hotline number 1911.

How can I get Sri Lankan al certificate online?

Furthermore, information pertaining to the issuance of 2020 GCE O/L certificates for both domestic and international use can be get via website.

How do I get a 2020 OL certificate?

How can I get my Waec index number?

How To Check NovDec Index Number

  1. First Log on to the WAEC registration portal at here.
  2. Then Enter your Invoice Number in the section provided.
  3. Then Click on the continue button to access your Index Number.
  4. Print your Index Number for reference purposes.

What is the best school in Sri Lanka?

S. Thomas’ College,Mount Lavinia.

  • Trinity College,Kandy. The Hill capital school is the place where most of the great students come from the best School of all.
  • Royal College,Colombo.
  • Ananda College,Colombo.
  • Dhararaja college,Kandy.
  • Nalanda college,Colombo.
  • Vishaka Vidyalaya,Colombo.
  • Devi Balika Vidyalaya,Colombo.
  • Mahamaya College,Kandy.
  • What is the current education system in Sri Lanka?

    – i. Make available to all children a good education free of charge, so that education ceases to be a commodity purchasable only by the urban affluent. – ii. – iii. – iv. – v. – vi.

    What is the best university in Sri Lanka?

    Provides and guidance to the jobs

  • Opportunities for placement
  • Industrial Income is 34.8
  • International outlook is 38.2
  • Opportunities with Erasmus and other local opportunities for studying abroad
  • Volunteer option for learning new skills and gaining valuable experience
  • To help you find valuable work experience while you study
  • Do we need private universities in Sri Lanka?

    Why we need more private universities. Sri Lanka is facing an education crisis. A rising and young population is stretching the higher education facilities, while rapidly changing demands of the domestic job market are outpacing university reforms. Currently, about 125,000 students pass the GCE A-Level examination, out of which around 25,000

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