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How can I get HES code from USA?

How can I get HES code from USA?

Foreigners can get HES code only by SMS. There is no other way to get this code by passport. This way available only for foreigners who does not have Foreigner ID Number. Foreigner gets HES code by sending SMS to 2023 with his/her passport information.

How can I check he’s code status?

You may receive your HES code through your passport information. All you have to do is sending an SMS to +90555 944 3821 including your country code, passport serial number, year of birth and last name, respectively and interspaced.

How can I get HES code via SMS?

To get the HES Code using SMS:

  1. Write blankblankblank
  2. Send an SMS to 2023.

How do I make a hes code?

Type HES, your Turkish Republic identification number, last 4 digits of the serial number of your Turkish Republic Identification Card, and sharing time (in days). Leave a space between each item. Send an SMS to 2023. The answer will come in a short time.

How can I get HES code from UK?

You can obtain a HES code by sending your passport details by SMS to 2023 in the following format: HES [space] Nationality (GBR) [space] passport number [space] year of birth [space] surname.

How do I activate my Istanbul card?

One of the Covid-19 measures is that you must activate your Istanbul Card from now on. To do this, you must link your HES code to your card. To do so, visit the Istanbul Kart website and fill in the form (in Turkish or English) to link your card. If done correctly, your card is immediately activated and ready to use.

How do I get a hes code for Istanbul?

Write HES 99999999999 1987 and send to 2023. An SMS will be enough to get your HES code.

Does Turkey have Covid restrictions?

Most services are available in Turkey without restrictions. Starting September 6, 2021 proof of vaccination or a negative PRC test within the past 48 hours will be required to enter some establishments hosting crowded events such as theaters or cinemas.

Does Turkey need HES code?

Travel in Turkey You will also need to show a HES code when checking into accommodation, including hotels, motels, boarding houses, pensions, camps etc. Some provinces also require a HES code upon entry to public buildings, shopping malls and banks.

How do I get the HES code from e Devlet?

If you hold Turkish citizenship or residency, your HES code can be obtained through the e-Devlet system (, the Hayat Eve Sığar mobile application or by SMS. People entering Turkey from overseas get their HES code after completing the passenger locator form.

How do I recharge my Istanbul card?

Istanbulkart does not come with credits. You need to load credits (which is cash) to the card to use it. And it is very easy. You just need to place the card into the yellow/blue vending machines, wait for the machine scan your card and than deposit cash to load credits to the card.

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