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How can you tell real Cartier from fake Cartier?

How can you tell real Cartier from fake Cartier?

Removing the case back is the easiest way to tell a fake from the real deal. Genuine Cartier watches have the brand name inscribed – and correctly spelt with the first ‘r’ included – on the movement. The brand also spells out CARTIER on either the 7 o’clock or 10 o’clock markers.

Do you wear your Cartier love bracelet everyday?

The Cartier Love bracelet is one of the most popular pieces of jewelry designed, and one of the most iconic as well. But instead, the Cartier Love bracelet was designed to not be taken off on a daily basis, as it is secured on the wearer with its very own screwdriver.

Do you wear your Cartier Love bracelet everyday?

Can I buy Cartier Love bracelet for myself?

Happily, anyone can buy a Love Bracelet for themselves today! When explaining the Love Bracelet’s unique design, Aldo Cipullo stated, “What modern people want are love symbols that look semi-permanent – or, at least, require a trick to remove. After all, love symbols should suggest an everlasting quality.”

Why is Cartier Love bracelet so expensive?

– The brand name of Cartier. – Elegant designs – Excellent Craftsmanship and finishing

How to tell if a Cartier Love bracelet is real?

Genuine Cartier inner jewelry boxes do not have their logo printed on the top of their boxes,instead their logo is printed in gold on the inside of the lid.

  • Cartier outer presentation boxes have their logo printed on the top of the box.
  • The interior of Cartier jewelry boxes will either be made with black satin or a white fabric.
  • What size Cartier Love bracelet should I get?

    Cut out the paper Wrist Sizer and follow the instructions below.

  • Make sure that the numbers are on the outside of the paper Wrist Sizer and insert the pointed end through the slit you have cut at the other end indicated
  • The number that lines up with the edge of the slit is your wrist size.
  • How much does a Cartier Love bracelet cost?

    “Lock in your love” with a Cartier Love bracelet. First created in the 1970s, the Love bracelet has come to universally represent true love. The bracelet is designed to only be opened with the special screwdriver that it comes with. The newest collection of Love bracelets range in price from $1,200 to $56,000. The lowest tier of the Love bracelet costs between $1,200 and $2,080.

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