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How did chat silayan die?

How did chat silayan die?

Colon cancer
Rosario Silayan-Bailon/Cause of death

Is chat silayan dead?

Deceased (1959–2006)
Rosario Silayan-Bailon/Living or Deceased

When did chat silayan die?

April 23, 2006
Rosario Silayan-Bailon/Date of death

Who is the husband of chat silayan?

Michael Bailonm. 1991–2006
Rosario Silayan-Bailon/Husband

Is Rio Diaz still alive?

Deceased (1959–2004)
Rio Diaz/Living or Deceased

Where is Rio Diaz now?

Rio was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in December 1998. She was given three months to live then, but had lived for six more years. She died On October 4, 2004 in Seton Hospital in Daly City, California at the age of 45. Like her elder sister Gloria (Miss Universe 1969), Rio is also a beauty queen.

Is Rio Diaz sister of Gloria Diaz?

Youngest sister of Gloria Diaz. Like her elder sister Gloria (Miss Universe 1969), Rio is also a beauty queen. Rio herself was crowned Mutya ng Pilipinas in 1977 and won fourth runner-up in the Miss Asia pageant that same year.

Who is the husband of Gloria Diaz?

Gabriel Daza

Gloria Diaz
Spouse(s) Gabriel Daza ​ ​ ( m. 1986; div. 1995)​
Partner(s) Mike de Jesus
Children 3
Beauty pageant titleholder

Who is the first husband of Rio Diaz?

Hajji Alejandro
Diaz, similar to her first husband Hajji Alejandro, was a supporter of former President Ferdinand Marcos, even after his deposition in the People Power Revolution. She was elected vice-mayor of Pontevedra, Negros Occidental in the 1998 elections, while her husband won a seat in Congress.

How old is Gloria Romero now?

88 years (December 16, 1933)
Gloria Romero/Age

What does Adrien Semblat do?

Adrien Semblat is now General Manager at Adidas in Hong Kong SAR. Prior to that, he worked as Senior Manager Wholesale and franchise Adidas Philippines as well as Senior Manager Marketing Adidas Philipines. He is also an Instagram star with 242k followers on his official Instagram account.

What is Chat Silayan’s cause of death?

Former beauty queen and actress Chat Silayan died on Sunday after battling ovarian cancer for six months at the Saint Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City.

Who is Maria Rosario Silayan Bailon?

GMA7 radio DzBB reported the death of Maria Rosario Silayan Bailon, the full name of the actress, at around 10 p.m. Silayan, daughter of the late actor Vic Silayan, was 1980 Miss Universe third runner-up before she entered show biz. – GMANews.TV Top 10 Most Unforgettable Pinay Beauty Queen Answers

Who is Chat Silayan in real life?

Rosario Silayan in real life (the daughter of the late theater-movie actor Vic Silayan), Chat became an overnight star when she won as Bb. Pilipinas-Universe in 1980, the same year she represented the country in the Miss Universe Pageant in South Korea, finishing third runner-up to Miss USA Shawn Weatherly.

Who is the daughter of Vic Silayan?

A year after her stint on Miss Universe, Silayan’s acting career began and she became one of the most popular and acclaimed actresses in the Philippines. She was the daughter of theatre and movie actor Vic Silayan and the aunt of Victor Silayan.

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