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How did Cordana Felsong get corrupted?

How did Cordana Felsong get corrupted?

She stayed behind in Zangarra while Khadgar and Garona traveled to Bladefury’s Command to apprehend Gul’dan. Due to the Orb of Dominion’s influence, Gul’dan was able to corrupt Cordana from afar.

Where is Cordana?

Cordana Felsong This NPC can be found in Frostfire Ridge .

Where is vault of the wardens?

Vault of the Wardens is a dungeon located on the Isle of the Watchers in southern Azsuna.

Are illidari demons?

The Illidari are part of Illidan’s forces — the legions of Illidan Stormrage, the Lord of Outland. This faction is composed mostly by demons of many species, particularly Nathrezim, Sayaad, Fiends, Felguards and Satyr, former minions of the Burning Legion who switched their allegiance after the defeat of Magtheridon.

How do I get to Cordana from Felsong?

Players will have to use Elune’s Light to eradicate pools of harmful shadow, to find adds that attack the party from the darkness, and to locate Cordana herself when she slips into stealth.

How do you beat Cordana solo?

Just follow the green spells that spin from one corner toward the middle of the room. One person in the group should have Elune’s Light and can cast it or run toward that corner to reveal the Avatar. Burn it down quickly as a group, then go back to the boss.

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Who is Akama?

Akama is a level 70 Elite Broken draenei located at Warden’s Cage in Shadowmoon Valley. He is the leader of both the Ashtongue tribe and the elite of said tribe called Ashtongue Deathsworn, a faction of Broken draenei supposedly in the service of Illidan Stormrage.

Is illidari a race?

The Illidari are also known as Illidan’s Forces (or Illidan’s forces) or Illidan’s army….

Race(s) Night elf Blood elf Naga Broken Man’ari eredar Demon
Formerly Fel orc Orc Gronn Lost one Netherwing dragonflight
Capital The Fel Hammer
Formerly Black Temple

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