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How did Howard Lew Lewis die?

How did Howard Lew Lewis die?

Howard Lew Lewis/Cause of death
Death. In an interview with the Scottish Mail on Sunday in late 2017, Lewis confirmed he had been diagnosed with dementia. His fellow actor and friend Tony Robinson announced on Twitter on 22 January 2018 that Lewis had died on 20 January 2018.

What happened to Elmo from Brush Strokes?

Howard Lew Lewis, the actor who played barman Elmo in the sitcom Brush Strokes has died at the age of 76. He also starred in the children’s comedy series Maid Marian & Her Merry Men, playing Robin Hood’s friend Rabies. The kind,funny and gentle Howard Lew Lewis died on Saturday.

Who played Elmo putney?

Howard Lew LewisBrush Strokes
Elmo Putney/Played by
Brush Strokes (TV Series 1986–1991) – Howard Lew Lewis as Elmo, Elmo Putney – IMDb.

Who is Howard Lewis?

Howard L. Lewis is Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America. Mr. Lewis began his professional career in the financial services industry with Central Trust Company, a dominant banking concern headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and the second largest trust company in Ohio.

Who was the barman in Brush Strokes?

Howard Lew Lewis
The kind, funny and gentle Howard Lew Lewis died on Saturday. Much missed.” Lewis also starred as barman Elmo on sitcom Brush Strokes.

Who wrote Brush Strokes?

Esmonde and Larbey
Brush Strokes/Program creators
Brush Strokes is a British television sitcom, broadcast on BBC television from 1986 to 1991. Written by Esmonde and Larbey and set in south London, it depicted the (mostly) amorous adventures of a wisecracking house painter, Jacko (Karl Howman). There were 40 episodes spread over five series.

Does Jacko marry Sandra in Brush Strokes?

Jackie Lye played Sandra, the secretary at work who became Jacko’s fiancée in series two (although the wedding never happened – but they still went on the honeymoon, because they’d paid for it).

Who does Jacko marry in Brush Strokes?

Jacko & Sandra return from their honeymoon. Their second wedding is all prepared.

Who is Karl Howman married to?

Clare Lightfoot
Personal life. Howman married his wife, Clare Lightfoot, in 1976. The pair have two children: actresses Chloe Howman and Katy-Jo.

Who played Leslie in Brush Strokes?

Erika Hoffman
Erika Hoffman (born c. 1965) is an English actress who speaks German, French and English. She appeared as Lesley Bainbridge in the BBC comedy Brush Strokes from series 3 onwards, when she took over the role from Kim Thomson.

How did the series Brush Strokes end?

Veronica subsequently begins a new romance and remarried in the final series. The end of the series sees Jacko walking down the street with both of his former girlfriends, Sandra and Lesley, leaving the viewer to decide who he ended up with.

Does Jacko get married in brush stroke?

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