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How do I access my RSS feed in WordPress?

How do I access my RSS feed in WordPress?

Your website’s main RSS feed URL is usually found in the /feed/ folder. If your site is, then your feed will be located at Go to your website now and add /feed/ to the end of your URL — this should bring you to your blog’s primary RSS feed.

How do I manage RSS feeds?

Manage RSS feeds for a list or library

  1. In the list or library, select Library or List, depending on where you want to manage RSS feeds.
  2. On the Settings page, under Communications, select RSS settings.
  3. In the List RSS section, select whether you want to enable or disable RSS for the list.

How do I change my RSS feed URL in WordPress?

All you need to do is type in the name of your website, and add “/feed” to the end of the URL. You’ll then be brought to the XML file that displays the feed in its raw form.

How do I set up an RSS feed?

Setting Up an RSS Feed

  1. Open your web browser and go to
  2. Register for a free account.
  3. Click on “manual RSS builder”
  4. Enter the URL of your website.
  5. Select the news item you want the feed to distribute.
  6. Select the headline within the news item.
  7. Select a description or summary within the news item.

How do I fix a WordPress RSS feed error?

Install and activate the plugin from the WordPress administration dashboard, then head to Tools > Rss Feed Fix. Click the Fix Feed button to resolve the issue. Once the plugin has diagnosed the issue, try visiting your feed in a browser window or test it with a feed validator.

Where is my podcast RSS feed?

Click the Hosting Settings link inside the Podcast Hosting box. You should see your show’s podcast RSS feed URL right above the Save button.

Where do I find my RSS feed?

To find an RSS feed on a website, look on the site’s main or home page. Some sites display their RSS feed as an orange button that may contain the acronyms RSS or XML.

What are the steps involved in setting up RSS feed?

RSS – Really Simple Syndication

  • 1) Define the source, by the channel tag.
  • 2) Add an image.
  • 3) Add a new.
  • 4) Add more items.
  • 5) Upload the file.
  • 6) Validate the file.
  • 7) Make it available.
  • 8) Updating the feed.

What is wrong with my RSS feed?

The most likely reason for your RSS feeds to show error is poor formatting. This poor formatting can be caused by a blank space after closing PHP tag in a plugin or in your theme’s functions. php file. However, if it does not fix your RSS feed error, then continue reading.

How to set up an RSS feed in WordPress?

How to Set Up an RSS Feed in WordPress (3 Steps) 5.1. Step 1: Detect Your RSS Feed (s) Using FeedBurner 5.2. Step 2: Redirect Your Default Feed Within WordPress 5.3. Step 3: Display Your Feed on Your Site’s Front End 6. Best RSS Feed Plugins for WordPress 7. RSS Feeds in WordPress Without Plugins 8. How to Import RSS Feeds to WordPress 9.

How do I extend WP RSS aggregator?

WP RSS Aggregator can be extended through its powerful premium add-ons and bundled plans. The most popular add-ons are always Feed to Post and Full Text RSS feeds, giving you the option to create any sort of feed you can imagine anywhere on your site. They are part of our most popular premium option, the Pro Plan.

What is the Best RSS aggregator for WordPress?

WP RSS Aggregator is the original and best plugin for importing, merging and displaying RSS and Atom feeds on your WordPress site. It’s the most comprehensive and elegant RSS feed importer for WordPress. No limit on the number of sources to import from. Manage all your sources from a single page.

Why can’t I import my RSS feeds?

It’s important to make sure your WordPress cron system is working well. If not, the feeds cannot be imported. If in doubt, you can install the WP Crontrol plugin to check for bad cron, or go to RSS Aggregator > Debugging and hit the red button to re-import all feed items.

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