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How do I advertise Mary Kay on Facebook?

How do I advertise Mary Kay on Facebook?

How Do I Set Up My Mary Kay Business on Facebook?

  1. Locate the “Pages” link in the left column of your Facebook page.
  2. Click the “Company, Organization or Institution” image.
  3. Click “Edit Info” under the page name and input the details related to your Mary Kay business, including your contact information.

What should I name my Mary Kay Facebook page?

It is particularly important that you avoid naming your page “Mary Kay Cosmetics”, “Mary Kay Inc.”, “Mary Kay” or any other name that would suggest your page is a Mary Kay corporate page.

How do I promote my Mary Kay business?

Host your own events to obtain Mary Kay leads

  1. Encourage regular customers to hold shows.
  2. Host a Mary Kay class.
  3. Give a great service and get referrals.
  4. Goodie bags.
  5. Offer discounts to people who bring a friend.
  6. Use a fishbowl to collect business cards at your event.
  7. Engage in warm chatter to get the conversations going.

Can you sell Mary Kay on your own website?

The Mary Kay Personal Web Site program is the only way you can advertise your Mary Kay business online. For enrollment procedures or for additional information about the Personal Web Site Program, visit

What should I name my beauty page?

20 More Makeup and Beauty Name Ideas

  • Beauty Basics.
  • Bossy Beauties.
  • Supreme Sparkle.
  • Beauty Bounty.
  • Generous Glam.
  • Glam Goddess.
  • Perfect Finish.
  • Glamified.

How do you name a group in Facebook?

The name of your Facebook group is the first thing people notice about your community….Keep in mind these 3 things when choosing your Facebook group name

  1. Keep it simple and tell ‘what your group is about’ First things first.
  2. Use keywords in your group name.
  3. Name your FB group after your product (if you are a brand)

How much do Mary Kay consultants make on average?

Average Mary Kay Inc Beauty Consultant yearly pay in the United States is approximately $26,846, which meets the national average.

Can I sell Mary Kay on Amazon?

Mary Kay products should only be purchased from qualified consultants. These products are being sold online illegally and there is no guarantee on them; they may be expired or out-of-date.

Can you sell Mary Kay on Marketplace?

In addition, Mary Kay independent sales force members have expressly agreed not to advertise, promote their business, sell, exchange, or offer to sell or exchange Mary Kay® products on such platforms or apps and are therefore prohibited from doing so. Consumers conduct business with brands they trust.

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