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How do I copy a Unix without changing the timestamp?

How do I copy a Unix without changing the timestamp?

How to Copy File without Changing Last Modified Date, Time stamp and ownership in Linux / Unix? cp command provides an option –p for copying the file without changing the mode, ownership and timestamps. ownership, mode and timestamp. $ cp -p num.

How do I copy a timestamp in Linux?

  1. Why “after that”, specifically? you can preserve the timestamp (and other attributes) during copying by using the -p or –preserve= option e.g. cp -p oldfile newfile. – steeldriver.
  2. @steeldriver Technically cp itself also does it afterwards. Please make cp –preserve=timestamps an answer. – Sebastian Stark.

How do I copy a timestamp?


  1. In Linux. The -p does the trick in Linux. -p is the same as –preserve=mode,ownership,timestamps .
  2. In FreeBSD. The -p also do the trick in FreeBSD.
  3. In Mac OS. The -p also do the trick in Mac OS.

How do I copy a directory and preserve a timestamp?

Click Configuration → Options , select Copy/Delete (under Operation in listbox on the left), tick Copy date/time of directories (in General Copy+Delete options group on the bottom), click OK . There might be loads of corner cases where it does not preserve timestamps.

How do I copy files without changing date?

Substitute “C:\photos” and “D:\photos” for your source and destination folders respectively. options ensure that your original ‘date modified’ attributes are preserved during the copy. The /E option ensures that subfolders are also copied, including any empty folders you may have in the original location.

How do I add a timestamp in Linux?

  1. #!/bin/sh. file_name=test_files. txt.
  2. current_time=$(date “+%Y.%m.%d-%H.%M.%S”) echo “Current Time : $current_time”
  3. new_fileName=$file_name.$ current_time. echo “New FileName: ” “$new_fileName”
  4. cp $file_name $new_fileName. echo “You should see new file generated with timestamp on it..”

How do I copy a specific date in Linux?

Have a look at the manpage of find , which has parameters like -atime , -mtime or -ctime to find files which got accessed, modified or changed at some given time, then you can further use the -exec option to copy these files.

How copy file Unix date?

How do I copy without changing the date modified?

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