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How do I create a global temporary table?

How do I create a global temporary table?


  1. The CREATETAB privilege to define a declared temporary table in the database that is defined AS WORKFILE, which is the database for declared temporary tables.
  2. The USE privilege to use the table spaces in the database that is defined as WORKFILE.

What is global temporary table in Teradata?

The definition for a global temporary table is persistent and stored in the Data Dictionary. Space usage is charged to login user temporary space. Each user session can materialize as many as 2000 global temporary tables at a time.

How do I create a temporary table in Teradata SQL?

Teradata gives GLOBAL TEMPORARY option with CREATE TABLE syntax….so, if you want to see the records, you have to explicitly write ON COMMIT PRESERVE ROWS immediately after CREATE TABLE syntax.

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How do I create a volatile table in Teradata?

CREATE VOLATILE TABLE GEEK ( ROLLNO INT, FIRST_NAME VARCHAR(15), LAST_NAME VARCHAR(15) ) PRIMARY INDEX (ROLLNO) ON COMMIT PRESERVE ROWS; Here, you can clearly see the last line written as ON COMMIT PRESERVE ROWS this line will preserve the data after inserting it by you. The default value is ON COMMIT DELETE ROWS.

What is the difference between global temporary tables and volatile temporary tables?

Index can be created on Global Temporary table and not on Volatile table. Global temporary table uses Temporary space of login user and Volatile table uses spool space of login userIn a single session 2000 Global temporary table can be materialized and 1000 Volatile tables can be materialized.

What is derived table in Teradata?

Derived tables are an optional feature that you can specify in the FROM clause of SELECT, ABORT, ROLLBACK, and DELETE statements. You can use derived tables for these purposes: To avoid CREATE and DROP TABLE statements for storing retrieved information that is only needed for one request.

How do I add a column to a global temporary table?

  1. Add Column in Global Temporary Tables.
  2. Populate New Column in User Exit Package.
  3. Add New Column in Data Set.
  4. Add New Column in Layout Report.

How do I know if a table is a global temporary table?

We can also use the following query to display all Oracle global temporary tables: select table_name from all_tables where temporary = ‘Y’;

How do I create a temp table in Teradata?

Are created and afterward materialized by adding data with and INSERT/SELECT statement or

  • Are created and materialized at the same time with a CREATE VOLATILE TABLE TheTable AS ( ) WITH DATA PRIMARY INDEX (PI) ON COMMIT PRESERVE ROWS statement
  • Use the spool space of the executing user.
  • Disappear at the moment the session is logged of
  • What is create multiset table in Teradata?

    – Insert Data into Volatile Table. Let’s insert some records into the volatile table. – Select data from Volatile Table. Next, we will run the Select Statement into the Volatile table. – More Facts about Teradata Volatile Table. You can create a max of 1000 volatile tables in an active session. No Join Index or Hash Index is allowed.

    What is a global temporary table?

    When we are working with the complex SQL Server joins.

  • Temp tables are useful to replace the costly cursors. We can use this temp table to store the result set data and manipulate the data from the temp table.
  • We can use this SQL temp table when we are doing a large number of row manipulation in stored procedures.
  • How to import Excel data into Teradata table?

    Import the excel data into Teradata. Step 1 – The excel file should be in the format of .csv to begin the import operation. To do that, Just open your excel file and click “Sava as” in the File menu. Then Select the CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) from the drop down and save that file. Step 2 – Create the Teradata table with the required

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