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How do I dispose of electronics in Albany NY?

How do I dispose of electronics in Albany NY?

How do you dispose of hazardous waste and electronics? The City of Albany sponsors several free household hazardous waste and electronics drop off days throughout the year. For more information please call 518-434-2489 or visit the Albany Recycles website.

Where can I recycle my TV in Albany NY?

Electronic items can be dropped off at the Department of General Services located at: 1 Richard Conners Blvd. Albany, NY 12204. Residents must show id. Register at the front desk during normal businesss hours M-F 7am to 5pm.

How do you dispose of a TV in New York State?

Two Ways to Recycle Your Electronic Waste Go to DEC’s list of electronic equipment manufacturers registered in NYS, to find manufacturers, their brands of electronic equipment, and their electronic waste acceptance program websites and toll-free telephone numbers.

Is Styrofoam recyclable in Albany NY?

There is at least one place in the Albany area where some Styrofoam can be recycled. Shelter Enterprises Inc., 8 Saratoga St., Cohoes, accepts certain types of Styrofoam, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday-Friday. It’s great to have a local place to recycle this material.

What can I recycle in Albany?


  • Caps & Lids.
  • Plexiglass.
  • Straws & Wrappers.
  • Napkins & Paper Towels.
  • Paper Plates.
  • Tissues & Tissue Paper.
  • Pizza Boxes.
  • What can be recycled in blue bins?

    Know what can or cannot be recycled Check the blue bin label to confirm that your items are suitable for recycling. Common materials that can be recycled include glass, paper, plastic and metal. Single-use packaging such as disposable containers and cups often cannot be recycled as they are contaminated with food.

    Is recycling electronics profitable?

    The recycling business not only has countless environmental benefits, but can also be very profitable. It’s an estimated $100 billion business world-wide. But this figure depends on certain market factors, especially in the case of electronic waste. This encompasses any product that runs on electricity (i.e. laptops, TVs, stereos, etc.).

    How to recycle electronics and scrap?

    Permanent collection sites at local waste transfer stations or resource recovery centres

  • Retail outlets
  • One off recycling collection events – often run by local Councils
  • Can you get electronics pickup for recycling in NYC?

    With LoadUp, there’s no need to drag your electronics on the bus or subway to an NYC electronics recycling event! Our green NYC electronics disposal methods include donation and recycling, so you can be sure your e-waste will be disposed of properly.

    What is e waste recycling?

    UpCycle them. Without much tinkering,you can easily reuse your older electronic devices for other purposes.

  • Make them into art. If you are creative,almost anything can be turned into art,including old electronics.
  • Give them to others.
  • Sell them.
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