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How do I download TomTom MyDrive?

How do I download TomTom MyDrive?


  1. Make sure your computer is compatible with MyDrive Connect .
  2. Download MyDrive Connect:
  3. Click the Finder icon in the Dock to switch to Finder.
  4. From the Finder menu at the top of the screen, click Go and choose Downloads .
  5. Double-click MyDriveConnect.
  6. Double-click MyDriveConnect.
  7. Click Continue .

How long does it take to download TomTom maps?

File size versus download time

Download speed / File size 512 Kb/s 1.5 Mb/s
8 MB 2 min less than 1 min
30 MB 8 min 3 min
50 MB 14 min 4 min
128 MB 34 min 11 min

How do I install maps and updates with MyDrive?

CONNECTING TO MYDRIVE CONNECT Connect your navigation device to your computer and start MyDrive Connect. Log in with your TomTom account if prompted, and wait until your device is turned on. When your device is connected, MyDrive Connect automatically checks for updates and syncs any changes from your device.

Why won’t my TomTom maps download?

Make sure you are using the latest version of MyDrive Connect. Make sure your navigation device is connected to MyDrive Connect. Make sure there is a stable Internet connection. A wireless Internet connection can be used, but this can be affected by interference which can result in a slow or failed download.

Why do TomTom downloads take so long?

The TomTom software will list the size of the update(s) before you start the download. The bigger the file the longer it will take to download. If the speed of your internet connection is listed as ‘Not Recommended’ for the size of the file you want to download, try a location that has a faster internet connection.

How to activate TomTom maps?

how to activate tomtom map 1. Copy onto your PPC and run it to install it. 2. Copy USA_and_Canada_720.1803 and voices to the root directory of your SD Card 3. Launch Tomtom and select the USA_and_Canada map and choose manual activation. Write down the manual

How to install TomTom maps?

Save your mobile data using OFFLINE MAPS,while driving with up-to-date GPS navigation.

  • Know exactly what lane is yours with moving lane guidance.
  • Steer clear of traffic and blocked roads in REAL-TIME and drive within speed limits,even when you are offline.
  • Drive hassle-free with SPEED ALERTS and warnings for fixed and mobile speed cameras*👮‍️
  • How to get TomTom maps for free?

    Free Lifetime TomTom Map Downloads. Unlike a smartphone,the maps on navigation devices don’t routinely update.

  • TomTom Map Hack. If you don’t have lifetime updates,you may find that there are sites promising a TomTom map hack.
  • Cost of TomTom Maps.
  • How can you install maps on tomtom device?

    Insert the memory card in the memory card slot of your navigation device.

  • If this is the first time you are using the memory card with your device,you will be asked to format the card when you turn on your device.
  • Connect your navigation device to your computer and switch it on.
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