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How do I email the Thanet council?

How do I email the Thanet council?

Thanet District Council

  1. Email Customer Services on [email protected]
  2. Call Switchboard on 01843 577 000.
  3. Visit Homepage.

What council does Margate come under?

Thanet District Council
Thanet District Council is the local government body for the Thanet district in Kent, England. Its administrative centre is Margate.

What areas does Thanet council cover?

Thanet District Council was formed in 1974 and includes the towns of Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate as well as a number of pretty villages. It is situated on the most north-easterly edge of Kent with coast on three sides. We have a population of just under 140,000 people and cover around 40 square miles.

Who runs Thanet District Council?

At the Extraordinary Council meeting which took place on Thursday 10 October, Cllr Rick Everitt was elected as leader of Thanet District Council. Cllr Everitt leads the Labour group which has 20 members.

What time does Thanet council shut?

Our phone lines are open Monday- Thursday 8.45am- 5.30pm and Fridays 8.45am- 5pm.

Why is it called the Isle of Thanet?

The 7th-century Archbishop Isidore of Seville recorded an apocryphal folk-etymology in which the island’s name is fancifully connected with the Greek word for death (Thanatos/Θάνατος), stating that Thanet, “an island of the ocean separated from Britain by a narrow channel …

Is Thanet a county?

Thanet, district, administrative and historic county of Kent, southeastern England, in the extreme northeast of the county. It roughly coincides with the historic Isle of Thanet, but the modern administrative district extends south of the Great Stour river almost to Sandwich. Margate is its administrative centre.

What is classed as Thanet?

Thanet /ˈθænɪt/ is a local government district in Kent, England. On the north eastern tip of Kent, it is predominantly coastal, with north, east and southeast facing coastlines, and is bordered by the City of Canterbury district to the west and the Dover district to the south.

Is Thanet council Labour?

May 2019 election results The Labour party became the second largest party on the council. Labour gained the most seats in Thanet over any council area in the country.

Is Thanet council conservative?

There are 56 Councillors in total. The political composition is: 26 Conservative; 16 Labour; 6 Thanet Independents; 4 Green; 4 Independents.

What happens to planning applications approved by Thanet Council?

The planning applications approved by Thanet Council help to shape the future of the area. To make sure the public are involved in this future, the Council publicises all planning applications, by site notice or letters to neighbouring properties and we also inform the relevant Parish or Town Council.

Is the Thanet District within the SAMM area?

The whole of the Thanet District is within the Zone of Influence of the SAMM area. The Council can only agree to a proposed residential development if we know that it will not have a significant effect on the protected sites.

How does the council decide planning applications?

The Council’s Planning Committee has given the authority to Planning Case Officers to decide the majority of planning applications. However, a minority of complex applications often when a Ward Councillor requests it, are reported to the Planning Committee, who meet monthly to decide applications.

How do I make a complaint about the Thanet website?

Any complaint must be sent to [email protected] uk. Comments that contain personal, racist, defamatory or derogatory material will not be taken into consideration or published.

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