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How do I enable search in Thunderbird?

How do I enable search in Thunderbird?

Thunderbird allows you to search your messages using very precise, advanced criteria. To do this: Choose Edit > Find > Search Messages…, or right-click the name of any folder and choose Search messages…. The Search Messages dialog box appears.

How do I get the search bar in Thunderbird?

No menu bar with View? Press the alt key. The search box is on the Mail Toolbar.

What is global search in Thunderbird?

Thunderbird includes a message indexing and search system called “Gloda”, which is short for “Global database”. Global search queries all of your messages, regardless of the account the message is associated with or the folder where the message is stored. …

How do I filter in Thunderbird?

Create a new filter

  1. Click the Application menu button.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the “Filter Name” field, type a name for your filter.
  4. Under “Apply filter when”, check one of the options or both.
  5. In the “Getting New Mail: ” dropdown menu, choose either Filter before Junk Classification or Filter after Junk Classification.

How do I search all folders in Thunderbird?

Ctrl+Shift+F is the shortcut to “search messages” leave the “search sub folders” option ticked and select the account to search. Note when setting the account to search, you have to select it and then select it again on the sub list of folders that will appear.

How do I rebuild my Thunderbird database?

Steps to Rebuild the Global Database

  1. Quit Thunderbird.
  2. Locate the global-messages-db. sqlite file in your Thunderbird Profile.
  3. Delete the global-messages-db. sqlite file.
  4. Start Thunderbird. The re-indexing process will start automatically.

What happened to the search bar in Firefox?

Hi, open the 3-bar menu > Customize, and if you can see it, simply drag it to the toolbar, then Exit Customize to save. If it isn’t there, try clicking on Restore Defaults.

How do I do a global search?

To perform a global search:

  1. Open the Global Search application by clicking.
  2. In the Find field, enter the text you want to find.
  3. If you want to restrict the scope of the search, complete the following procedure.
  4. Click Search to start the search.
  5. Click the record identification number to view a record.

How do I view filters in Thunderbird?

In Thunderbird go to >”Tools” >”Message Filters”. From the >”Filters for:” menu choose the account you wish to set up a filter for. Then click the “New…” button on the right side and the “Filter Rules” window for a new message filter will open.

How do I make emails go to a specific folder in Thunderbird?

How do I create mail filters in Mozilla Thunderbird?

  1. Open the “Message Filters” window. Start Thunderbird and click Tools, then Message Filters:
  2. Choose the mail account. Use the menu to select the mail account you want to create a rule for, then click New:
  3. Create the filter rule. The “Filter Rules” window appears.

What is local folders in Thunderbird?

In Thunderbird and SeaMonkey, “Local Folders” is the name given to the set of mail folders at the bottom of the folders pane. Outbox is a special folder used to queue messages when you use Send Later rather than Send. The Outbox folder is used by all accounts.

What happens if I uninstall and reinstall Thunderbird?

Uninstalling the application is simple, though it will leave behind a folder of all your Thunderbird data. Once removed, reinstalling the application is just a matter of redownloading the installer file from Mozilla.

How can I get the latest version of Thunderbird on Windows XP?

How can I get the latest version of Thunderbird on Windows XP or Vista? Although Thunderbird will run on Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or above, the latest installers for Thunderbird require Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3) or Windows Vista with update KB2763674.

Does Thunderbird support Windows XP and Vista users?

Thunderbird 60, the release version following 52, does not support Windows XP or Vista. Thunderbird 52 is the last version that supports Windows XP and Windows Vista. Why is Thunderbird support ending for Windows XP and Vista users?

Where is the Thunderbird profile location in Windows XP?

Thunderbird Profile Location in Windows XP/2000. Follow the following steps: Click on the Start Menu. In Run wizard, write %APPDATA% under the Run tab. Click on the OK tab, the Windows explorer wizard will be investigated. Open Thunderbird within this Window then clicks on the Profiles option.

How can I enhance classic search in Thunderbird?

Classic Search is the original search built into Thunderbird. It can search the current folder, and any of its child folders. It’s more powerful than the Quick Filter bar but not as convenient since you have to use several list boxes and other widgets in a popup window to specify what you want to search for. There aren’t any add-ons to enhance it.

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