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How do I find Aboriginal place names?

How do I find Aboriginal place names?

You can find your traditional place name by referring to the AIATSIS Map of Indigenous Australia. Rachael also recommends speaking to the Elders or lands council of a community for traditional place name information.

What Aboriginal names are left?

Conspicuous by their absence in the Inner City are names of Aboriginal origin. Only three survive – Barangaroo, Woolloomooloo and Bennelong – the latter being the name of one of only a handful of Aboriginal people of Sydney’s first decade who aligned themselves in any way with the white settlement.

Why are Aboriginal place names are incredibly complex?

Firstly, there were as many as 70 Aboriginal languages in NSW at the time of colonisation, so there were often variations in names and their meanings. Those recording Aboriginal names had little knowledge of the languages from which they originated and were reliant on an entirely oral history.

Which Australian city is considering renaming many of its landmarks?

Now many in Tasmania are hoping that their capital Hobart will soon also be known by its Palawa kani name Nipaluna. It’s something the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre has been urging the council to consider for a while now. The council is also considering renaming a bunch of other landmarks to honour Palawa people.

What are indigenous place names?

Examples of the adoption of traditional Indigenous place names

  • Dehcho (South Slavey language)
  • Deho (North Slavey)
  • Grande Rivière (Michif)
  • Kuukpak (Inuvialuktun)
  • Nagwichoonjik (Gwich’in)

Is Bondi an Aboriginal word?

The name Bondi, also spelt Bundi, Bundye and Boondye, comes from the Aboriginal ‘Boondi’. According to some authorities, this means ‘water tumbling over rocks’, while the Australian Museum records its meaning as ‘a place where a fight with nullas took place’.

Is Sydney an Aboriginal name?

Sydney’s Aboriginal name “Djubuguli” refers to what is today named Bennelong Point (where the Opera House stands), whereas “Cadi” denotes the entire Sydney Cove.

What does Kiah mean in Aboriginal?

a beautiful place
Kiah is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘a beautiful place’ (Source “Australian Aboriginal Words and Place Names” by S.J. Endacott).

What does Gong mean in Aboriginal?

The name comes from ‘goran’ or ‘gohran’ (long or tall) ‘bulla’ (two) and ‘gong’ (stream or creek).

What is the Aboriginal word for fire?


Aboriginal word Australian English word
yau yee fire
boanbal wood
warrang child
niara look there

What does the term Koori mean?

Koori (or Koorie) Koori is a term denoting an Aboriginal person of southern New South Wales or Victoria. ‘Koori’ is not a synonym for ‘Aboriginal’. There are many other Aboriginal groups across Australia (such as Murri, Noongar, Yolngu) with which Indigenous Australians may identify themselves.

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