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How do I find my old Roblox password?

How do I find my old Roblox password?

I Forgot My Password

  1. Select Forgot your username/password? on the Login page.
  2. Enter your email address in the Email box exactly as it is on the Roblox account and press the Submit button.
  3. Press the Reset Password button or click the link in the email.
  4. Enter and confirm your new password, then press the Submit button.

What is Builderman’s Roblox password?

Builderman actually does not have a password. It is only available on a certain device, which is within the Roblox HQ, and probably within the house of David Baszucki due that they Have an administrator panel, and have access to edit the site.

What is the limit password on Roblox?

Passwords should be at least 8 characters long and include uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols if possible.

Can you get your Roblox account back after being deleted?

No matter what happened in the past , If Roblox deletes it that means there is no way to regain it back. You will also get a new Roblox account with its own original password for that Roblox account.

How do I delete my 2021 account on Roblox?

How to Delete Roblox Account

  1. Use Roblox’s online support form to send your account deletion request.
  2. Email Roblox support staff at [email protected] and request to get your account deleted.
  3. Call Roblox customer service at 888-858-2569 to tell them you want to delete your account.

What is Kreekcrafts Roblox username?

StarCode_RealKreek (formerly RealKreek, known on YouTube as KreekCraft) is a Roblox YouTuber with over 3M subscribers.

What is IamSanna name in Roblox?

notiamsanna is a Roblox YouTuber with over 5.5 million subscribers. She mainly uploads content centered around Adopt Me, which she often does roleplays and challenges in. Her group, IamSanna Loves Unicorns, has over 1,100,000 members. Advertisement.

What is 1x1x1x1 password?

The original 1x1x1x1 account was created in 2007. The account was renamed to “request59245234857238947”. The account ID is 81619.

Should I let my kid play Roblox?

How Old Should Kids Be to Play Roblox? Common Sense Media rates the platform OK for users 13+ “based on continuing challenges with problematic content, but it’s potentially OK for kids younger than that if account restrictions are turned on and parents pay close attention to their kids’ activities on the platform.”

How do I call Roblox?

If you do not have an email or phone number associated with your account, please contact Roblox customer support at Please choose a password that is brand new and unique to Roblox, do not use this password on any other site.

How do you get someones password on Roblox?

At the first step to see password by using inspect element,you have to right click on password text box.

  • After that,you have to click on “Inspect” from options.
  • Then,you are able to see one toolbar opens.
  • Now,in that toolbar,automatically some part is selected.
  • The next step,you have to edit one field and that is .
  • What is a good Roblox password?


  • CHoTBopHoe
  • Montrouze
  • JaspeR
  • Avi|cI
  • A.C.A.B
  • PatrioT
  • _DaZzEr_
  • K*E*M*P*E*R
  • How to see your password on Roblox?

    How to see your roblox password on your account. Share the post with your friends if you find it useful. Enter your email id and name. There are two tabs on the page including “password” and “username”. To find it, you just need to right click the password box and select “inspect element”. There are several techniques that are used

    How to recover a Roblox password?

    – Different options will appear, including recover with: “Password”, “Username” or “Use phone number to reset password”. – Click on the “Password” option . – Enter the email with which you created the account for the first time.

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