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How do I get newsstand back on my iPhone?

How do I get newsstand back on my iPhone?

You’ll have to download any Newsstand content saved on your device again.

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Play Newsstand app .
  2. Tap Menu .
  3. Next to your account, tap the Down arrow Manage accounts Manage. Remove.
  4. Sign back in.

What happened to Apple Newsstand?

Apple Inc. Newsstand was a built-in application on Apple Inc.’s iOS devices: the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It was dedicated to downloading and displaying digital versions of newspapers and magazines. It was replaced by Apple News in iOS 9.

How do I add magazines to Apple Newsstand?

Enable Your App as a Newsstand Magazine Click on the app that you want to turn into a Newsstand magazine. Select “Newsstand” from the Links menu. Press “Enable” and then upload a newsstand cover that meets the standards lists on the Newsstand for Developers page. Click “Save” to finalize your changes.

What is a newsstand charge?

Newsstand lets you subscribe to your favorite magazines and periodicals right from your iPhone and iPad, no paper copies required. In most cases you pay for Newsstand subscriptions just as you would a physical magazine subscription.

What is the Newsstand app?

Google’s Play Newsstand app lets you read news from free and paid sources ranging from blogs and newspapers to The New Yorker and everything in between. The app has been available for Android for about a year and the iOS version launched only a week ago.

How do I get newsstand on my iPad?

How do I get Newsstand on my iPad?

  1. Get iOS 5 by plugging your iPad into your computer.
  2. Tap on your App Store icon and accept the latest update to the Bon Appétit app.
  3. The Bon Appétit icon on your iPad will disappear.
  4. Tap the image of our cover to read the latest issue and access your library.

What does a newsstand mean?

Definition of newsstand : a place (such as an outdoor stall) where newspapers and periodicals are sold.

How do I unsubscribe from Newsstand?

Cancel a Kindle Newsstand Subscription

  1. Go to Your Memberships & Subscriptions.
  2. Locate the subscription.
  3. Click the Settings button next to a subscription.
  4. To turn auto-renewal on or off, select Cancel subscription or select Manage subscription options.

How do I unsubscribe from newsstand?

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