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How do I get to deeper Banuta?

How do I get to deeper Banuta?

Access to Deeper Banuta is gained through The Ape City Quest. Deeper Banuta respawn was modified in the 2009 summer update and four deeper floors were added in the 2010 summer update. Access to these floors is gained through the Wrath of the Emperor Quest . There is a secret tunnel from Tiquanda ( here) to access Deeper Banuta.

What spells should I have as a level 27 Druid?

These are all spells that a pretty much necessary to have as a druid at lvl 27. All others are either useless or not needed at the moment. Liberty bay rots – 3rd floor (common spot. Never fails to be profitable and good exp but boring) Port hope crocodile spawn. Basically poh, dara minos and rots, larvas maybe cyclopolis depending on your server.

Are there dangerous dungeons in Banuta?

All vocations. The dungeons deep below Banuta are far more dangerous than the above ground portion of the city. Rumor has it that Hydras, Serpent Spawns, Medusae, and other deadly creatures dwell deep below the city, for those brave enough to seek them out.

Is the Druid vocation completely worthless?

Im sure even on the most power abused or populated servers you wont see many people hunting lizards or the second floor of dark cathedral so take advantage of that and gain some levels. The druid vocation isnt completely worthless.

Where can I find Djinn in deeper Banuta?

Go here and enter the Magic Forcefield to appear at the first floor of Deeper Banuta. Here you will encounter Green Djinns and Efreets, Bonelords and Elder Bonelords, among minor monsters. You must go further down, but in order to do so you must open the teleporter on this floor.

How to unlock tunnel from tiquanda to deeper Banuta?

Note: It is recommended to bring Egg of The Many in order to unlock a secret tunnel from Tiquanda to Deeper Banuta. This egg is used on a snake head directly east of the teleporter once inside Deeper Banuta. Hairycles wants you to go deep under Banuta and find the Lizards’ serpent god monument and destroy it.

How do you leave the Banuta portal?

When your team is done, you can leave the floor by stepping back through the portal at the start. If the wall returns and you are inside it, you can use the lever by the wall to open it again and leave. When you enter the portal at the start of the floor, you will appear at the second floor of Banuta, with Apes, not the last floor you came from.

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